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JioMeet: Video conferencing service to be out of beta soon

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Jio on Thursday announced that it is just few days away from launching its video conferencing-cum-collaborative app JioMeet. The telecomm- unications giant’s hand at video conferencing technology could capitalize on the surging demand for similar use-cases.

The service, which has already been live on smartphones, is running as a beta version. “JioMeet is a platform which has many uniqueness such as the ability to work on any device, any operating system or to do a complete

collaboration,” PankajPawar, senior VP, Reliance JioInfocomm.The company is planning for a nationwide launch of the service.

As described on the JioMeet website, the app can accommodate a group call for up to 100 participants. Like the rival platform Zoom, JioMeet is also expected to be meant for both consumer and enterprise customers to activate VC Room Meetings. Such features are present exclusively for enterprise use cases for better experience.

Moreover, the application’s privacy policy currently states that the company may disclose personal information to affiliates “when necessary to perform services on our behalf or on your behalf”. As of now, it seems less clear on how Jio will deal with personal information of users since there will be other services that are linked to the app. Protection over user privacy is a hot potato since competitors like Zoom and Houseparty have been subjected to criticism for such lapses.

Covid 19 pandemic has been forcing people and employees to communicate and work from indoors, the market demand for video conferencing apps have increased significantly. Zoom app has been the biggest winner by far with up to USD 31 billion. Jio, which already has over 50 million subscribers for its telecom services, is could also capitalize on the same to increase its user base initially.

Jio said that it perceives this opportunity from a different perspective to offer its consumers a wide range of use-cases by prioritizing security and simplicity.

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