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Lakshminarayanan to be the new MD and CEO of TATA Communication

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Bengaluru, India – November 27, 2019: Tata Communications sign up Amur S Lakshminarayanan as MD and CEO. Tata Communications said they have appointed Amur Swaminathan Lakshminarayanan as the managing director and CEO. The appointment is after the resignation of Vinod Kumar from the post.

Lakshmi carries with him over 35 years of knowledge in a broad range of management roles throughout the industries and regions around the world. Most recently at TCS, he successfully accomplished and developed scalable businesses. His roles in the company involved President and CEO of TCS Japan, Global Head of Telecom, Media & Information Services, Hi-Tech and Utilities, and Head of TCS UK & Europe. “I am truly excited to join another Tata company. Tata Communications’ leadership in India, strong international presence with its talent base, technology capabilities and global network reach puts it in a strong position to help customers with their digital transformation. I

look forward to working with our customers and partners to harness the next phase of growth.” Amur S Lakshminarayanan, MD and Group CEO said. Lakshminarayanan's nomination as MD and CEO shall be subject to needed consents of the shareholders of the Business.

Renuka Ramnath, Chairperson, Tata Communications, comments, “Lakshmi has forged an illustrious career leading some of the biggest businesses for TCS. During this time, he has also developed a deep understanding of the global technology market and enterprises’ growing digital demands. Tata Communications has proven to be a preferred partner for enterprises looking to make the most of the opportunities that the global digital transformation drive brings. Lakshmi’s experience, exposure to industry best practice, leadership style and focus on action will help accelerate Tata Communications to achieve greater heights.”

Lakshminarayanan’s appoint as MD, CEO was based on the appointment and remuneration committee founded after Vinod Kumar’s resignation. "As MD and CEO Designate, Lakshminarayanan will advise the interim management committee of Tata Communications. Upon receipt of necessary regulatory approvals, the Board of Tata Communications will subsequently appoint Lakshminarayanan as the MD and CEO of Tata Communications," a company declared.

Lakshminarayanan was the ex-vice chairman and ex- CEO of Cognizant. He was the CEO and President of Cognizant till 2006. Lakshminarayanan has performed a leading role in the global IT industry for more than 25 years, managing divisions and business units in Europe, India and the United States. Ever since he joined Cognizant Technologies in 1994, Lakshminarayanan has worked towards formulating the company's strategy and building & managing the organization's development centers in India. Because he is also a member of Cognizant's Board of Directors, Narayanan spends time traveling extensively in the U.S. and Europe to meet clients. Narayanan started his career at Tata Consultancy Services as a developer. From there, he rose through ranks from technologist, to program manager, to business leader. When he joined Cognizant as CTO, Lakshminarayanan was a regional head of Tata in India.

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