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Latest Advancements in Cure for Type 1 Diabetes in Children

CIOInsider Team

A new study published on 21st Feb 2018 by UN and Children hospitals and clinics of Minnesota clearly stated that there were meaningful improvements in blood glucose control and quality of life

measurements-particularly in teens. This study highlights that children with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) enrolled in an Intensive Remote Therapy (IRT) pilot program experience improved blood glucose control and better quality of life. The study clearly highlighted the contrast between IRT and use of conventional care methods and technologies. One distinguishing factor between ITR and conventional methods was the constant accurate monitoring of blood glucose level and immediate health care options provided.

Among children, the need for monitoring and tracking glucose level at each moment is quite challenging. In this remote therapy method, recent tools and technologies monitored the blood glucose and letting users store data remotely, enabling T1D patients to provide accurate glucose levels to healthcare providers quickly and consistently. T1D Management is quite complex owing to its fluctuating intensity requiring daily insulin medication and careful monitoring of blood glucose, food and other health related vitals. Only developed and technologically advanced tools can remove the uncertainty and fear regarding vital supplies, monitoring and managing this life-threatening disease.

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