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Mobility is the Foundation to Smart City Solutions

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Mobility plays a crucial role in the seamless emergence of smart cities that aims to provide enhanced operations and public safety to transportation and utilities. The proliferation of dynamic technologies coupled with disruptive demographic and socio-economic trends has been fundamentally transforming smart city development. To cope up with this changing smart city paradigm, service providers are assisting

cities to govern smart city initiative and address the growing concern of the citizens. With the advancement of smart city mission, the government is aggressively working to develop cutting-edge urban mobility planning that could meet smart city infrastructure requisites with finance and regulatory framework needed to implement it. By integrating technological dynamics into city operation and management, the smart city service provides emphasizes on improving overall efficiency and enable more optimized mobility for people and goods across geographies.

India is witnessing massive and steady movement from rural to urban areas with mobility-related technology such as integrated IoT-enabled infrastructure. In addition, organizations have been contributing towards reducing environmental footprints by leveraging technologies such as big data analytics and real-time video/information sharing solutions. As smart mobility also comprises public transport, electric & autonomous vehicles, technology-enabled integrated mobility solutions make transportation safer, cheaper, and more attuned to people’s daily lives. Consequently, there has been a rapid growth in the connected mobility devices and city-wide digital platform that enables real-time data from discrete sources, resulting in cities that are smarter and more resilient. With all such innovations underway, smart city stakeholders should be prepared to realize and embrace the enormous potential of new dynamic mobility ecosystem.

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