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Open Source- The Check on Computer's Freedom

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Elon Musk once implied that AI can be dangerous for humans. If that remotely possible, who will defend humanity against an evil artificial intelligence that wants to rule the world? With venture capitalist Sam Altman, the Tesla CEO has built a billion-dollar organization to fight malicious AI. The secret weapon is: more AI. That doesn’t not sound like a solution, let alone a weapon right? We’ll explain.

The group, OpenAI, is building AI software and giving it away. The idea is that putting more AI out in the world-and allowing everyone the freedom to

tweak it-will mean no company or government will have a monopoly. An AI could still go rogue, says Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s chief technology officer, “but if there are many agents with about the same capabilities, they could keep any one bad actor in check.”

Before, Skynet takes over, AI tent could have other benefits. Organizations and individuals could find new, creative ways to use it, and a wider range of backgrounds might help make AIs that benefit the whole world. “What we’re actually doing when we code is describing our world from our particular perspective,” says Damien Williams, a Kennesaw State University philosopher specializing in the ethics of nonhuman consciousness. “Whatever assumptions and biases we have in ourselves are very likely to be replicated in that code.” Remember what happened to Microsoft’s chatbot Tay. Human prejudice can warp artificial minds.

OpenAI’s established mission is to ensure that all of humanity benefits from any future AI that’s capable of outperforming ‘humans at most economically valuable work.’ Such a technology, dubbed artificial general intelligence, or AGI, does not seem close, but OpenAI says it and others are making progress. The organization has proven to produce research at par with the best in the world. At the flipside, it has also been accused of hysteria and chaos by AI experts critical of its fixation on AGI and AI technology’s potential hazards.

Clearly, the open source world is hardly diverse; OpenAI will have to work to be inclusive. Besides, it takes a village to raise a robot. Not exactly, but you can figure the meaning.

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