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Revamping Talent Acquisition Strategies for Future

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With the mushrooming of business opportunities and therefore jobs, talent acquisition techniques have also changed drastically. Nowadays, it is not organizations that pick the talent, but vice versa. Most of the organizations’ workforce is a mix of both permanent and contingent staff of temporary, contract and freelance people. Organizations have started seeing this mix with a holistic approach to gather more insights on employment and make better informed future talent decisions.

There are organizations that fail to address temporary employment opportunities while considering employment branding.

There are organizations that fail to address temporary employment opportunities while considering employment branding. The use of intelligent technologies serves to the need of moving an agile system that employees and candidates experience. Emerging technology capabilities such as Artificial intelligence based sourcing tools, recruitment marketing, engagement platforms, and automated scheduling programs would help drive candidate attention. The developments that we witness in the workforce strategies are expected to gain new heights in the year 2020. Cognitive technologies such as AI and ML, as well as robotic technologies comprising RPA methods are the ones at the new talent acquisition margins. Having proven abilities with sourcing and engaging them towards selection and on boarding, key improvements are awaiting the employee recruitment process in the coming days.

Appropriate tech to exercise the needful work has to be chosen wisely based on business needs, not its popularity in the market. The best example will be the utilization of Chatbots. Chatbots are now effectively used to communicate during the sourcing and selection process with the AI capabilities fed to it. Moreover, technocrats have explored further capabilities that enable initial screening tests and save time for the recruiters by providing a personalized candidate experience. Leveraging on the state-of-the-art technologies and maximum utilization of data could yield valuable insight that benefits the talent acquisition efforts. Predictive analytics technology for measuring and forecasting the apt talent for the company will see new angles. This helps in the decision making of the recruiters on whether the talent has to be developed internally or from outside. For organizations to develop a robust and relevant employment brand strategies, it need to secure top talent and approach with an advantage that drives competition.

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