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Technology Enabling Patient Engagement In Health Care

CIO Insider Team

Health sector needs to adapt new digital technology innovations to serve better hospitality and speedy recovery to patients and “HUMAN’S” before that. Technology in Health care sector has to be the main concern for any innovation as good health is the most integral part of life. The world seems to grow technically very drastically but we as humans first have to think about humanity too. Health sector can be a chaotic process and a patient needs the utmost concern of doctors at critical condition. Doctors who are quite busy as they have to consult a lot of patients on an every day basis from cold, fever or to any harmful diseases that is a threat to human life, technology can be a boon for humans and for the health sector.

Public engagement in health care has to improve technically too as this would not only make better experience for patients as a customer but also help in improving the standard of life for humans on earth. Technology has empowered humans with everything else but it also has to be a powerful medicine that saves precious human lives.

Usually what we see is the complex hospital process that bridges the gap of engagement between a service provider and a patient and this bridge can be connected with the advance use of technology.

Patients have to be treated as consumer. Technical advancement with Care, nourishment, concern and transparency in health operations can motivate patients or consumers to improve better engagement in health care. There are a lot underlying issues that are usually unseen and has to be looked into to improve patient engagement in health care.

Approach, Awareness, Agility with technology can be the best treatment to improve patient’s engagement in health sector. As only improving technology would not make any difference.

Patients have to be approached as consumers at first. It is not that only patients have to stand up but even the doctors and technical aspect of hospitality process have to make it easier, considerable and comfortable for consumers to approach service provider with their problems without any hesitation. This will give a boost to consumers to have an open conversation or engagement that is most important in health sector.

Hospitals and other health care providers have to educate consumers about the benefits they can gain using technology that not improves engagement of patients in health care but also help them in emergencies. Such as assistance in terms of transparency of billing, claim the right health insurance, schedule regular-interval checkups, medicinal beneficiaries from the pharmacy and most importantly the time they get to engage with the doctors for their treatment. This will ensure the rights and the duties as what patients have to do and engage at 100% efficiency without any barriers blocking them.

As health issues can never be taken for a toss. The process and the mode of technical applications have to be consumer friendly and easy for any consumer to use. It cannot mislead consumers during any point of time from admitting till discharge of consumers from the ward. Every process that lies in between should help patients or consumers as it is about life and death, any small misstep can lead to a lot of harm to the body. The ease and transparency of all operational and technical process for any disease pushes them to be more active without holding them back at any point of time that increases consumer’s engagement with their respective health care providers.

If technology pertaining to health does not help the mankind, then the technology can only be a threat to mankind.

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