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Technology Partners are Looking at Field-Days in 2021


One of the buzzwords heard loud today around the world is digital transformation. But are organizations really ready for the digital transformation? Yes and No would be the answers. Organizations are ready to transform ‘for now’, but most of them are not futuristic when it comes to going digital, the brutal rate of change of technologies available being a major culprit.

For instance, a new IBM survey with participation from 380 CIOs and CTOs from mid-sized and large companies in the United States and United Kingdom reveals that many corporate IT leaders and their organizations are not prepared for the future IT needs of the business and nearly all are moving to advance their transition to cloud infrastructure. Nearly a quarter of them (24 percent) said that their company is just starting its IT modernization journey or has yet to begin modernizing, with about a third surveyed saying that they are still in the midst of transformation.

But this is no time and situation for half measures. The businesses regardless of the industry need to take a full swing at it this time. Going out of their in-house IT expertise and seeking the help of technology partners is not at all a bad idea, and in truth, many of the organizations are starting to understand this as well.

Going forward, it’s beyond any reasonable doubt that this trend is going continue, ensuring more field days for technology partners

Microsoft’s earnings report for the third fiscal quarter of 2020 is a result of this, as the technology providers clocked a revenue of $35 billion, net income of $10.8 billion, and earnings per share of $1.40. Thanks to the skyrocketing demand for cloud solutions, Microsoft Azure alone managed to have 48 percent revenue growth over the previous quarter.

Microsoft Corp’s revenue from India increased 22 percent to hit Rs.8,883 crore in 2019-20, and the growth over the pandemic period paints an even better picture. Needless to say, partners influence more than 95 percent of Microsoft’s commercial revenue. While the tech major has close to one lakh partners-strong ecosystem globally, in India, the Microsoft partner ecosystem incorporates more than 11,000 companies. It’s no wonder that company is constantly bolstering its efforts towards enabling its partners in different countries to connect with the global customer base. It even offers opportunities for collaborative sales to partners.

Opportunity for Tech-Partners
Going forward, it’s beyond any reasonable doubt that this trend is going continue, ensuring more field days for technology partners. It’s quite inevitable that the organizations can’t almost survive without leveraging the advantage of digital technologies due to the competitive business environment. No doubt that it will take exceptional technology partners. “We will bring our global expertise to the India client base rapidly and help them prepare their businesses for global operations at a faster pace. Keeping this in mind, we are investing in areas like building a Model Office – a preconfigured solution for PSOs, a ready-made set of reports and KPIs that can help in decision making, and Workforce Collaboration Apps leveraging Microsoft Teams, the Power Platform, and AI,” asserts Kapil Gupta, Country Head - India,, which won the Microsoft Partner of the Year – 2020 for Intelligent Sales & Marketing.

According to Marketysers Global Consulting, the global Digital Transformation market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 20.96 percent from 2020 to 2027, rising from value of 221.43 Billion in 2019 to 1102.32 Billion in 2027. It surely is a revolution in the making and technology partners who make themselves exceptional, thanking technology integration and innovation, are definitely going to shine.

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