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The Growing Popularity For Browser Isolation

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In a bid to protect the IT network infrastructure and data from web based threats, business enterprises are provided with the strategy of Browser Isolation. This method isolates user’s browsing activity physically from their local networks and infrastructure. Experts asserts that Browser Isolation, unlike the traditional tools for virus/ threat prevention, is a zero trust approach rather than filtering content based on the fed threat patterns or signatures. It treats all websites and web content that has not been white listed as dubious, keeping away from local device to a virtual environment or machine.

It was in 2010 the first ever commercial Browser Isolation technology was launched. Ever since, the method was described as the future of endpoint security for its ability to sweep the possibilities of breaches. As the technology has started gaining momentum, more businesses have started looking forward into the adoption of this security measure as they have long frustrated with legacy based approaches to web security failures. By the recent move of Russia in adopting internet isolation in their country, they are stepping closer to more data protection and security measures. The Russian government has confirmed to the international news agencies that it had furnished an internal internet named RuNet, which has already completed multiday tests. This exhibits that the country’s online infrastructure will not be interrupted even though it is disconnected from rest of the world.

Hold your sigh of relief, but it is not absolute for Browser Isolation technique to stop all forms of attacks including phishing attacks and insider threats. It is just one phase of the security threat that it can attack, against web-related cyber attacks and malwares. With technology becoming advanced daily, Browser Isolation is presented as affordable and scalable for businesses. The advantages it grants the business include taking away the burden of endpoint agents and enabling a seamless user experience that is supported through OS and devices. For business administrative people in IT infrastructure, it was required for them to process the requests and web based alerts when users visit potentially unsafe websites. Browser Isolation eliminates this issue successfully by allowing access across all sites. Keeping aside the arguments on the growing interest in technology is succeeding every year, the era of considering this approach as a fundamental security practice across the world is not far.

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