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The Scale Difference in NetOps and SecOps

CIOInsider Team

“There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.” Opined Robert Mueller, FBI Director. Typically, an Enterprise Network is a communication network that eliminates isolated users, work groups and connected devices across departments while facilitating insight and data accessibility. The epidemic spread of Ransomware, Trojans and scores of Malwares have significantly brought the security issue backin networking. While the first

line of defence from insider threats is the employees themselves, Networking and security automation both are levelling the field of Enterprise Networking. Allowing Network Operation (NetOps) and Security Operations (SecOps) to address the concurrent need of any enterprise vital statistics is the current phenomenon gripping the enterprises.

Since NetOps and SecOps analyse from the same set of data, the symbiosis has to be powerful enough to significantly mitigate inefficiencies. The complexity of networking is on the rise and only a proactive approach of DevOps, SecOps and NetOps shall bring out the best of the performance with increased security, centralization and optimization. The dramatic entry of SD-WAN and cloud application in Encrypted Application Traffic in last few years have forced SaaS providers to push their content even closer to the user. This eventually has created trade-offs with user privacy as user’s private traffic and corporate traffic get decrypted during inspection. These and few other such instances have made companies realize the need to be more selective in what they inspect. DNS connections and decentralized techniques inspecting a flow to detect malicious activity before decryption can provide the ease of selection with the help of the co-joint power of SecOps and NetOps. The year of 2018 is seeing the scaling of the difference between these co-related and revamped security and networking prepositions that is on the verge of becoming the next undisputed model decision made by enterprises soon.

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