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Trump's Visit To India Expected To Trade A Significant Deal

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Bengaluru, India – 21February, 2020: US President, Donald Trump makes an official visit to India for the first time from 21 February to 24 February. He is expecting to sign a trade deal in the coming election where India will be part of trade. Trump’s meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will ensure signing the trade together.

“President Donald Trump and FLOTUS will travel to India from February 24-25 to visit Prime Minister Narendra Modi! The trip will further strengthen the US-India strategic partnership and highlight the strong and enduring bonds between the American and Indian people," the White House said in a Twitter post.

Trump will be the fourth successive US President to visit India. Bill Clinton took a visit to India in the year 2000. George Bush visited India in 2006 and Barack Obama visited twice during 2010 to 2015. These results of the visit explain how far two countries have tied up.

“Trump’s decision shows continuity in US policy and that he himself attaches importance" to ties with India, said Arun K. Singh, a former Indian ambassador to the US.

Trump’s decision of visiting India has increased the hope that both countries will decide to work on a given trade deal to decrease India’s business surplus with the US. Once at an amount of 30 billion, the surplus in India’s favour has now diminished to 16 billion, says Indian government administrators in a report. The mutual trade in 2018 rose at an approximate 142.1 billion.

The administration of US has been pressuring India to decease tariffs to narrow the business surplus. On the other side, New Delhi has argued that it is by far a huge buyer of US energy.
According to an Indian official, for the visit to India, New Delhi is likely to grant a 2.6 million contract for military helicopters from US defence contractor, Lockheed Martin Corp. India’s Cabinet Board on Security is expected to clear a command for 24 MH – 60R Seahawk helicopter for Indian Navy in the coming days. There was an approval of Indian request for an Integrated Air Defence Weapon System which is estimated 1.87 billion, the US department announced.

Narendra Modi has invited Trump to visit India in the year 2017 during his visit to the White House. In the previous year, New Delhi improved their invitation to trump to visit India as the chief guest for the republic day event.

India’s external affairs ministry said in a statement: “During the visit, President Trump and the First Lady will attend official engagements in New Delhi and Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and interact with a wide cross section of Indian society." “The global strategic partnership between India and the US is based on trust, shared values, mutual respect and understanding, and marked by warmth and friendship between the peoples of the two countries," the statement added.

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