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WhatsApp New Update Allows Business Owners To Reach Customers Using QR Codes

CIO Insider Team | Friday, 10 July, 2020
CIO Insider Team

Business owners generally use WhatsApp Business app. And now, the introduction of the new feature will give the users access to easily interact with a business using QR codes that are available for the businesses they are into.

The introduction of the QR codes recently to the platform by WhatsApp on the user end into which they share contacts with each other were done just by scanning. And now, WhatsApp has made the QR code scanning feature on WhatsApp Business application. The new QR codes are giving way to the business owners for reaching their customers who have official accounts on WhatsApp.

As claimed by WhatsApp, this new feature will be safer and easier for the consumer to resolve any queries, get informed, and search for anything they would want to buy. WhatsApp released an official statement where it said, “QR codes give way to businesses much preferable ways to take action on business activities with their consumer end. Earlier, when people were going through any business, they had to include it on WhatsApp number to their contacts, one by one. Present feature will allow them to scan the QR code that is displayed by a business store, product packaging, and receipt for initiating chats.”

Almost all the businesses in the world have QR codes which can be used in WhatsApp for Business or WhatsApp Business API.

Users will be able to easily access any business interactions. Just by scanning the QR codes, users will be able to start chatting with an optional pre-populated message created by the business. The application’s messaging tools, businesses now can make it faster to convey information.

The year-ago, WhatsApp had launched the catalog feature which allows businesses to make their goods and services available. According to WhatsApp records, there are more than 40 million people that use business catalog on WhatsApp per month.

Moreover, WhatsApp will allow catalogs and individual items be available to share on websites, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

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