Zoho Deploys ERP Platform to BigBasket


Zoho Corporation said that it has deployed a custom-built capex procurement ERP platform using Zoho Creator to online grocery retailer BigBasket.

The cloud-based customer enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has assisted BigBasket in increasing operational efficiency, streamlining procedures, and drastically reducing expenses, resulting in a Rs 3 crore savings in six months.

BigBasket stated that it processes approximately five lakh orders each day, which under the old conventional paradigm limited visibility into the expected budget against the actual budget.

"With this solution, BigBasket has reduced the time taken to complete tasks by 50 per cent. It aims to utilise app development platform Zoho Creator's AI capabilities for the larger digital transformation and to replicate the solution for its operational expenditure model soon," the company said.

With Zoho Creator, you can eliminate the need for manual intervention, integrate corporate processes, and improve automation.

According to Bharath Kumar, Head of Marketing and CX at Zoho Creator, the platform is built to offer businesses of all sizes advanced visual workflow editors, automated and integrated business systems, and streamlined processes that solve complex problems.

Bharath expressed optimism on behalf of Zoho that Zoho Creator has improved BigBasket's operational effectiveness and that they look forward to assisting them in their upcoming efforts to undergo digital transformation.

With comprehensive visual workflow editors, Zoho Creator enables businesses to design applications for their specific needs, automate and integrate business systems, consolidate information, and streamline processes at much lower prices.

Web-based applications run on personal computers, tablets, and Android-iOS mobile devices.

We were using numerous software programs for the capex management process, which required a lot of manual intervention. This was one of the main issues BigBasket faced. However, we automated everything using different Zoho Creator modules, such as those for PO creation, vendor management, invoice processing, and real-time dashboards, said Vinayaka Gangavati, Head of Procurement at BigBasket.

"The custom-built solution drove significant process improvements and assisted us in creating scalable modern ERP software for the company. Moving forward, we want to replicate Zoho Creator for our operational expenditure model because currently we are using it for only capex," Gangavati added.

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