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Adroit Technologies Innovative Solutions: Empowering Learning through Innovation

  Sathish Thirumalaisamy,    MD

Adroit Technologies Innovative Solutions embarked on a mission in 1999 to deliver top-notch IT education across diverse sectors. The firm’s vision aimed to empower learners with the finest IT education, pioneering ahead of renowned IT trainers. Coming from a rural backdrop, Adroit’s focus extended beyond teaching to cultivating awareness about the IT revolution and the imperative for IT education.

Throughout its extensive journey, Adroit Technologies Innovative Solutions encountered a diverse array of learners and clients in educational settings spanning rural, semi-rural, and urban areas. The requirements for corporate training varied significantly based on the geographical locations and socio-economic backgrounds of the respective educational institutions. To add to it, the firm’s primary interactions were with young students aspiring to build successful careers and explore opportunities beyond their homes. Adroit Technologies engaged with a mix of ambitious girls and boys, all seeking transformative career experiences. Their advanced and up-to-date technological training served as a stepping stone, propelling these learners onto a platform where they could envision the future they desired a life away from their rural backgrounds. This transition opened doors to new career possibilities, improved salaries, elevated social status, and, most importantly, instilled the invaluable commodity of 'confidence' in their future endeavors.

On the flip side, educational institutions whether affiliated, autonomous, state, or private universities experienced a profound exposure to corporate relations through their partnership with Adroit Technologies. This exposure facilitated their evolution into premier institutes, ensuring the adoption of optimal curricula for academic structures and delivering unparalleled value addition for their teaching faculties.

We engaged in a one on one interaction with Adroit team, let’s hear from them.

What makes Adroit Technologies Innovative Solutions a reliable partner for IBM Career Education Program?
Adroit Technologies Innovative Solutions is a reliable partner for IBM's Career Education Program due to its impressive track record of training approximately 25,000 students annually. We specialize in teaching IBM's enterprise software, equipping learners with valuable skills for the job market.

We are committed to empowering a diverse learning community, which sets us apart within the IBM Career Education Team

Adroit Technologies offers students access to industry-standard software in various critical fields like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Blockchain, Business Analytics, Cloud Technology, and Cybersecurity. We employ a cutting-edge teaching approach called 'project-based learning' through our cloud-based platform, 'Adroit ProLearn,' which provides a hands-on learning experience with enterprise edition software. Our diverse teaching methods and customer-focused approach have solidified our partnership with IBM.

Our collaboration with IBM is exceptional, with IBM playing a significant role in supporting Adroit's mission and improving training content. Adroit's extensive experience working with educational and corporate clients nationwide has given us valuable insights into the diverse needs and preferences of learners and institutions, making them a trusted partner in both rural and urban settings. We are committed to empowering the rural learning community, which sets us apart within the IBM Career Education Team.

How is an interactive learning environment created through Adroit ProLearn?
In the evolving landscape of modern education, there have been significant changes in teaching methods, subject matter, learner engagement, and innovative credit allocation structures. To align with these educational advancements, Adroit introduces 'Adroit ProLearn,' a cutting-edge cloud-based platform. This platform offers a comprehensive solution for educational

institutions and learners seeking real-world exposure to practical applications, case studies, and hands-on technological learning. Notably, it includes a built-in virtual lab, providing experiential access to enterprise-grade software in essential areas like Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Technology, Data Science, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Full Stack, and more.

Enthusiastic learners who are constantly searching for innovative learning approaches beyond traditional classroom methods can benefit from Adroit ProLearn. This platform facilitates real-time learning through industry use cases, up-to-date content in relevant technologies, built-in assessment modules, reliable access to various software, and a discussion forum that connects learners with industry professionals. It also keeps stakeholders informed about the learners' progress.

Adroit's market presence is significantly bolstered by the integration of technical content with corresponding tools for practical case studies, as well as the tracking of learner progress with executed models of technologies, providing a complete end-to-end learning solution for each individual client.

Adroit offers a seamless learning experience that combines experienced mentors, certified content, and project-based learning, all within a comprehensive journey that can be accessed with a single signup.

What does Adroit Technologies Innovative Solutions have in store for the future? Where is it headed over the next five years?
With a 25-year journey behind us, Adroit Technologies Innovative Solutions has garnered extensive experience and established strong connections with both academic and corporate learners. Building on this rich history, our commitment is to continue offering high-quality in-house training solutions to our clients. Looking forward, our primary focus will be on empowering the emerging talent in rural India, enhancing their skill sets, and bringing them to a level on par with urban learners. Our objective is to create a platform that promotes upskilling and improves employability for learners from all backgrounds. The insights gained from our diverse client engagements have deepened our understanding of the meaningful impact we can have on the educational landscape in India.

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