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Advait Infratech - Enabling Product & Project Solution in the Field of Power Transmission & Substation

Shalin Sheth,Director

Shalin Sheth


Advait Infratech is a company established in 2010 with professionals carrying experience in power generation, power transmission, and telecommunication infrastructure solutions. Based in Ahmedabad, the company offers to provide project solutions to maintain its unique position in the market. At present, the company is associated with leading manufacturers’ of the world who are among the best in their area of business. Further, the director of the company will brief us how they provide product solutions & services for Power Sector contributing to safer, sustainable and efficient power to infrastructure & environment.

In conversation with Shalin Sheth, Director, Advait Infratech

Infrastructure resources are very important to maintain optimal function of the economy and the country. How is Advait Infratech committing itself to meet the above scenarios?

Ever since India started witnessing huge advancements in the infrastructure for power and telecom in the late 2010s, we introduced many product service lines from developed and developing countries to Indian markets. With the boosting and supporting policies of the Gujarat Government like Vibrant Gujarat and Make in India with Central Government, we had a successful joint venture with China’s biggest Optical Fiber Cable and Optical Fiber Ground Wire manufacturing company.

Because of this joint venture, we established India’s 3rd biggest OPGW/OFC manufacturing company in Ahmedabad. Additionally, Advait endeavored with China’s strongest company to manufacture Gas Insulation

Substation. Advait successfully brought such companies in India to manufacture GIS and to sell their products in the Indian market. Not only this, we have already started manufacturing a lot of capital goods required for construction of the transmission line, which we used to import from China.

So, being a provider of infrastructure products from inception, we are focusing to establish ourselves as a key telecom infrastructure providing company, backed by manufacturing setups.

The Telecom industry is plagued by its own unique set of challenges. Mention some of the hurdles that the company had to face. What policies did it employ to overcome the challenges?

As one of the leading companies in the Telecom Industry, we will focus on research & developments in the telecom field. In the future, 5G will be an expansion in this sector. Nowadays, the biggest hurdle in the 5G implementation is the huge & complex infrastructure required along with an experienced research team. Today, all the 4G Networks in the country are running upto a max frequency of 6 GHz. For 5G implementation, the frequency required is 30 GHz. For that, it will require an intense network of optical fiber with almost 3 times the number of base stations currently available. In this field, there is a lot of potential and Government support will have a positive impact overall.

Brief us about the products and services pertaining to the Telecommunication Industry offered by Advait.

Advait Infratech is into providing products like optical fiber cables and optical fiber ground wires. All required installation of hardware and installation equipments is done through its joint venture company. Advait is also providing the Live Installation services of the OPGW over existing transmission lines by replacing the old technology of removing the earth wire and putting optical fiber networks with state utilities.

Furthermore, we provide the FOTE in-network associated with telecomm- unication cable complete backed boom solutions for telecommunication network of transmission utility and

telecommunication utility. Advait has also ventured into providing a complete telecommunication network for upcoming projects of Gujarat Government projects in smart cities.

Share some of the successful implementations of your services or products in the telecommunication domain where the customer’s requirements were successfully met.

We completed projects for the Gujarat Government with a company called GETCO, wherein we worked on one of the toughest projects of implementing optical fiber ground wire installation into the Rajkot division of 665 Km. Moreover, Advait has also taken up aproject with BHEL for the installation of Live Line OPGW. We are implementing the project PGCIL for the installation of 6000KM of OPGW and about 250 OFC installations together with the FOTE network.

Advait successfully brought such companies in India to manufacture GIS and to sell their products in the Indian market

What do see Advait Infratech in years to come?

In Advait Infratech, we are looking forward to becoming the leading company in telecom and power transmission infrastructure. It will be backed up by a manufacturing facility and streamlined to provide the same products as solutions.

This will be done by undertaking the EPC projects of various telecommunication requirements of GOI and private utilities by contributing digital drive. The company is looking forward to taking up the same level of work in other developing countries.

We believe that this combination will help the company to move 10 to 15 years ahead from other developing, as well as developed countries.

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Advait Infratech:  Enabling Product & Project Solution in the Field of Power Transmission & Substation