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AIBridge ML: Using AI to develop business critical products

Ajay Ray,Co-Founder & MD

Ajay Ray

Co-Founder & MD

Being a trusted partner for clients globally spread across diversified domains, AIBridge ML possesses deep expertise in retail, ecommerce, pharmaceutical and insurance industries. The company based out of Hyderabad, offers AI Products centred on Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and RPA capabilities with robust tools and agile processes. With footprint across the US, Australia, Canada, and India, AIBridge ML has proved its abilities in domains such as Media, Healthcare, Education, Retail, and Manufacturing. Ajay Ray, Co-Founder & MD, explains how the organization comprehends issues and solves challenges for its clients.

In conversation with Ajay Ray, Co-Founder & MD, AIBridge ML

Business scenarios have evolved, and there is a rapid shift in the paradigm of technology with the advent of AI powered applications and Machine Learning. Tell us how AIBridge ML started its journey in the IT Services sector.
While there is definitely great interest and innovation happening at top enterprises in using the AI to bring more efficiency in their operations, there are SMEs who are not able to access huge benefits of AI and Machine Learning. AIBridge ML is focused on providing domain agnostic innovative solutions to SMEs globally, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

The tech industry comes with its own set of unique challenges. Please mention some of the hurdles the company had to face and what innovations did it employ to overcome some of the hurdles pertaining to the industry?
It is apparent that the industry requires top minds to develop innovative solutions in AI and ML. But, there is an acute shortage of AI talents in India and around the world. We conceptualized AI and ML trainings for both fresh grads as well as industry professionals to overcome this issue. The automatic data extraction from financial documents endures with the challenges of 2 Vs – Variety and Volume. By creating our home grown libraries and strengthening the parallel processing, we were able to leverage the computing power and Cloud infrastructure, thus overcame the issue.

AIBridge ML is focused on providing domain agnostic innovative solutions to SMEs globally, leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies

Another big challenge we facing is intense competition in the AI space, where small companies are often expunged to get enough foot holds in the industry. AIBridge ML is directly positioned against the big Technology companies, who have their own aspiration to make strong AI presence. By concentrating on our unique business offering, we are creating a solution that will provide AI enablement as well as better ROI to our users. This helps us getting differentiated from the crowd.

Over the last decade, though businesses have associated with AI companies the implementation still

remained as a challenge. What are the different types of AI enabled offers formulated by AIBridge?
AIBridge possesses industry agnostic products steered for equipping organizations for Digital Transformation and Process Automation, leveraging AI and ML capabilities. We have built an artificial intelligence enabled document extraction tool named AIMunshi. By leveraging AIMunshi invoice automation tool, users will be able to seamlessly process and transfer data across file systems and documents. This could further allow the workforce to concentrate on core processes and functions, accelerate processes, and enhance customer service. Moreover, we have also developed other related AI products, such as social listening tool AIMListen and an intelligent Chatbot called AIMLBot.

Being a startup player in the AI domain, it is important to earn prominence among the industry. Share with us a success story of one of your implementations that gained reputation for them.
AIBridge enabled one of the largest Pharma retail companies in Australia to completely automate their financial data extraction process and save millions of dollars. In this particular use case, we processed more than 180,000 invoices/credit notes per month without any manual intervention and use extracted data in various enterprise systems for financial transactions.

What is the future roadmap ahead for the company in terms of the solutions and products it is planning to introduce?
Our long term objective is to develop AIMunshi as the top knowledge management tool using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This will help organizations to save top dollars to be competitive and agile in order to manage future challenges better. Moreover, our short to medium range roadmap includes making the product more powerful with document & media reading and developing partner eco-systems, to reach across different geographies.

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