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AIT Global: Revolutionizing Financial Sector through Advanced Technologies

Pinky Mishra, Co-Founder,  Raj Mishra, Founder

Pinky Mishra, Co-Founder

Raj Mishra, Founder

With businesses evolving in a deferred period of time, there are many ‘New Normal’ set by disruptions due to their technology transformations. As organizations lack the necessary skills and resources, they look for dynamic partners who can guide them with technology transition, business insights, automation development,and modernization.

AIT Global is driven by customer obsessed business priorities to develop sophisticated as well as innovative technology solutions, to help them set the ‘New Normal’ and bring an organization's Strategic Vision of tomorrow to reality. Today, AIT is a global IT Services provider that is dedicated to helping business leaders to develop sophisticated technology-driven solutions that bring an organization’s strategic vision to fruition.

In this interview withCIO Insider,Pinky Mishra, Co-Founder & CEO and Raj Mishra, Founder & Chairman of AIT Global share their insights on the company’s journey, vision, and mission.

Can you please give a brief overview about the company?
What makes us unique is our focus on fully comprehending a client’s business objectives in order to deliver customized solutions and services that help sustain a competitive edge and long-term business success. Likewise, we are heavily invested in supporting the careers of our consultants and employees, ensuring that our services are consistently delivered by best-in-class talent. Culturally the organization motivates each AITian to treat the business as their own and scale up their actions to achieve excellence. We are a strategic professional IT staffing and management service provider.

Shed some light on the inception story of the company. Mention about the

company’s mission and vision.
Founded in 2003, AIT Global is a product and software development company HQ in Matawan, NJ, and provides end-to-end IT services in custom development,web, mobile and cloud or specializes in software development, Artificial Intelligence development, and product design. We are cross industry, with a specialty in fintech, and work with startups, mid market, and enterprise clients nationwide and also offer staff augmentation services. AIT Global applies next-generation technology to help enterprises transform businesses globally. AIT Global has helped startups and fastgrowing tech companies fill in their talent gap and create robust web and mobile solutions. To date, AIT Global's talent pool includes 500+ engineers with experience in all cutting-edge technologies.

Our mission with every customer is to help them achieve their 'New Normal' as well as be agile towards future technology evolution

Our mission with every customer is to help them achieve their “New Normal” as well as be agile towards future technology evolution. For the future, the company aims to be amongst the Leading Information Technology Solutions Providers focused on Exponential Growth and being Trusted Partners for our stakeholders, which include our customers, our employees, and our strategic allies.

Please share some insights on your approach while addressing customers’ issues.
As a company, we’ve been providing top technology talent to global companies since 2003. Whether it’s advising technology leadership, managing a team of developers, or staffing a project, AIT captures two simple beliefs that ensure top performance at each and every project commitment to our people and devotion to the achievement of the client.

Global organizations realize that they have many options when it comes to addressing their challenges. However, only the top business leaders will be able to shift through the noise and identify the best and most costeffective

results in the market to help companies succeed. At AIT, we are extremely dedicated to staying on top of technology trends, identifying new resources, and studying how businesses operate most effectively with the use of technology. Having said that, AIT has a strict focus on finding, acquiring, and retaining only the best resources that will be great not only for one client but for each and every company we work with. This hiring practice in itself is a testament to our commitment to our people and the overall success of our clients.

Could you tell me about your tailored solutions and services which help customers sustain a competitive edge in their respective markets?
In every industry, managing and processing technologies across the board are highly important. To help the organization with this, we have designed our services around four technology pillars including cloud transformation data analytics, automation, and intelligence. These pillars help our company to make sure that we solve business problems across the industry.

In terms of the FinTech domain, we have energized the core by infusing advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence and automation. This has helped the FinTech group to modernize their automation legacy processes and convert those into technology assets. For instance, we assisted a fintech group that had issues with driving innovation. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, we were able to reskill their talent at scale. We increased the velocity and productivity of their business model by involving an innovation model of infusing Artificial Intelligence and automation. So that's where it has helped them to make their team more agile.

What technology according to you is playing a crucial role in the FinTech space?
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services, edge computing, quantum computing, and virtual reality are some of the technologies playing a significant role in the financial sector. For instance, Virtual reality (VR) helps banks in creating immersive experiences that improve user engagement. For instance, businesses can educate customers about the stock market and investments using interactive Virtual reality (VR) apps. Financial services and banking companies can also enhance certain aspects of their user experience.

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