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Aosta: Healthcare Products Architected by Software Professionals and Conceived by Doctors

Ravi Shankar ,Director- Technical Operations

Ravi Shankar

Director- Technical Operations

Out of all the industries where technology plays a critical role, healthcare is definitely one of the most important areas. In addition to saving lives, technologies are improving the quality of life and enhancing the continuity of healthcare. The shift towards medical technology has not only lessened the manual errors but also has helped hospitals in renewing their methods. These renewed methods address the increasing challenges of pre and post care of patients while taking care of each aspect related to running an integrated hospital management. It becomes quite a task to manage a multi-speciality hospital amidst burgeoning paper work, administration, logistic, appointments, and many other factors. Hospital Management System (HMS) as the name suggests, integrates software systems and makes clinical, administrative and other back office activities streamlined, accurate and timely. As such, Coimbatore head¬quartered; Aosta Technologies is primarily catering to the Healthcare IT Infrastructure vertical. Being a holistic and a niche player in this field, Aosta powerfully streamlines the requirements of the client companies with Aosta’s consultation, managed services and insurance arms.

Strengthening HMS with BackBone Suite

Leveraging its heritage and domain expertise, and with the help of experts in almost every aspect of the healthcare field, Aosta is focused on addressing the continuing challenges that the medical field faces and the solutions that would solve them. With a comprehensive package, Aosta has made of a suite of modules that are designed to increase productivity while assisting in quality assurance for healthcare organizations and patients.

Besides the BackBone HIMS, Aosta also provides BackBone LIMS, Pharmacy,
EMR and KPO.

For than more than a decade, BackBone HMS Solutions has been successfully deployed in medium sized hospitals to large multi-speciality hospitals. BackBone Integration Layer is architected to accommodate integration with industry standard protocols. Data seamlessly flows to and from BackBone HMS with Lab Equipment’s, PACS Systems, Biometric Systems, Building Management Systems, ICU Charting Solutions and other 3rd party systems. Aosta has a dedicated R&D team that integrates various ways to systemize and automate workflows thereby reducing manual data entry and errors. With over 25 modules, the modules are tightly integrated with security features making it HIPAA and HL7 Compliant. In the new version of BackBone, Patient Registration and payment at a hospital can be done, by the patient, on their mobile device thereby reducing the time at the registration counters.

Patient and Doctor Oriented Platforms

Aosta’s introduction of patient portals has brought in large volumes of data transactions. The system is built on a robust platform to handle large volume of data and transactions in a well secured manner. Patient related details like basic demographics, diagnostic records, prescriptions, bill details, biometrics and insurance data can all be saved digitally in the system for future reference. These stored patient related records can be accessed by various stake holders in the hospital for clinical and administrative activities.

Patient Portal is a cloud ready application that is easily accessed by the patients from anywhere and anytime. Being integrated with each of the HMS modules, it can be used by the patients to book their appointments, check their previous visits, download test results, keep a track on the next follow up visit and soon will have a virtual consultation through the video chat functionality. Patient portal being robust and reliable, enhances the trust of the patients towards the hospital and thereby improves the patient-hospital relationship which is a good sign of development for any hospital. While patient-focused platforms are usually doing rounds, Aosta with its

doctor-centric products has stepped the Healthcare solutions’ meaning a little further.

Implementation and usage in a hospital by Doctors in India has been a constant challenge. Aosta has constantly fine-tuned the user interface of the Physician’s desktop making it simple to navigate without compromising the features required. In one of the hospitals, with more than 100 + Doctors using the system, 78 percent of the hospital orders and prescription is online. The top Management’s thrust to go digital and constant motivation has made this possible.

Management Oriented Platform

BackBone’s Mobile Dashboard is a BI tool for the management to track the real time performance of the hospital across various dimensions which results in potential decision making. Being cloud ready, it can be accessed from anywhere anytime. The system’s data management helps the hospital to increase its revenue and patient count by facilitating the patient follow ups.

Aosta powerfully streamlines the requirements of the client companies with Aosta’s consultation, managed services and insurance arms

Aosta with its strong expertise as Healthcare Solutions Company has perfected their products to achieve 85-90 percent of fitments to any size of hospitals. Beyond these features, Aosta also provides consulting and managed services to clients in growth markets like Africa and far East for better potential. Aosta has also built its presence by partnering with a Micro Insurance firm in Kenya to set up their EMR and HIS platform in cloud to cater to a cluster of clinics in Nairobi and nearby counties. Such creative and innovative ideas are providing a unique service combining the inherent domain knowledge that Aosta possesses in healthcare and IT. All these aid in extending the curve to Health insurance companies and hospitals that are likely to build intelligent BI platforms based on the data processed.

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