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Argil DX: Adobe Backed Customized Digital Experience

Ankur Mittal, President APAC

Ankur Mittal

President APAC

Brands are strategizing to connect with the customers across contexts in order to anticipate users’ demands and engage them quickly at any point of interest. Conversations become the prime gear and we see experiences increasingly embedding context-aware conversations. Moreover, ‘emotions’ too is slowly catching pace to becoming the epicentre of personalization. The reality is that brand affinity can vary at every point of engagement. The understanding of customer pain point and adapting to the same comprise the foundation for adaptive experiences. A brainchild of ZAP Technology Solutions LLC (US) and Accunity Software Private Limited (India), Argil DX is a certified Adobe solution partner that offers a wide range of services including digital transformation, full stack web application development, web content management, managed services and mobility solutions.

The success of a business lies in the fact that how agile, strategically and technologically correct while being absorbent enough to flex itself for client’s customization needs. “We believe in quality over volume of work. Thus Agile helps us deliver constant quality and flexibility is nature of Agile process”, explains Ankur Mittal, President APAC, Argil DX. Argil’s abstains from rules, and policies on dealing with different clients.

Such an approach enables this digital experience facilitator to customize and deliver a personalized experience for the clients.

Adobe Certified Unique offerings
Argil DX stays at pace with the latest technological developments and invests and builds accordingly. Being an Adobe Community Partner, Argil DX is able to get access to training and learning material from Adobe through Solution Partner Portal, thereby contributing to their cause of staying on the edge. Argil DX’s Security offering is exclusively built to cater to websites based on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Stack. Argil’s security scanner or penetration testing application is very specific to AEM based websites, and looks for unique vulnerabilities. “At times, when penetration test providers have found almost no major vulnerabilities, our security experts have found detrimental security holes”, informs Jason Meyer, President Global & CEO at Argil DX. Argil DX fills these loopholes with ready made solutions. It

requires considerably low level customization and can be setup up and running within 1 week to 4 weeks depending on level of customization required. Argil launched the beta version of their penetration test in Adobe Summit 2018 (Las Vegas), and further plans to launch its stable and ready to use version in the near future.

A website’s content management and delivery system should be in sync with the marketing and management insights of a company. Analytics as the President explains is the key that integrates marketing insights into content delivery system. Argil’s expertise on various analytics framework like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and know how drives the marketing and management insights in the way that works for customer.

Since its inception in 2010, Argil DX has shown organic and sustainable growth. Besides, this growth is the result of the company’s values around personalized approach to client, quality and constant innovation. The core team ensemble of skilled and experienced individuals constantly thrives on finding ways to integrate latest front end frameworks like vuejs, AI frameworks like Tensor Flow, and Cloud AI to provide seamless, personalized and rich experiences to the clients. With a motto to never negotiate around quality, Argil DX has and will continue to deliver value to their potential clients seeking customized digital experience solutions.

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