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Cogniticx: Leading-edge Gig-Talent Ecosystem in the Indian Digital & Data Science Landscape

Rishi Bagga,  Founder & COO

Rishi Bagga

Founder & COO

Define Cogniticx as an organization, and what are the industry benchmarks it has established so far?
Cogniticx is a Managed Gig Talent ecosystem, similar to Upwork, in the niche areas of data sciences and digital technologies. We are by far the first and largest digital and data science Gig Market ecosystem in the country. We enable enterprise, small and medium-sized businesses to consume technology and achieve results faster than it would take in commercial software deployments, by delivering Decisions as a Service(DaaS).

On the supply side we look to generate work opportunities for millions of talented youth in India. We have approximately 25,000+ service partners who are assessed and ratified across our platform, servicing a client roster that includes some of the leaders in the global IT, ITeS and Consulting space such as Infosys, Ernst & Young, Price waterhouse Coopers, Genpact, Grant Thornton, and EXL among others.

Give a brief account of your portfolio of solutions that have made a difference for your clients.
Cogniticx operates three lines of businesses(LOBs); Project Consulting, Talent Acquisition, and Training. Across each of our three pillars, we strive to do path breaking things that make an impact on a larger section of people in the country.

On the Talent side, we leverage AI/ML to curate one of the largest pools of

assessed and ratified Digital and Data Science Talent. At a time of the Great Resignation and Global Talent War, our clients and partners could leverage this expansive pool of In-demand skills, On-demand, thereby mitigating project risk as well as keeping the cost of the bench under check. Furthermore, now even startups and smaller organizations with more modest means could be empowered to compete effectively and to scale-up and down on the fly, as the business demands.

Our fundamental idea is to be able to create value-added work opportunities for the fantastic STEM talent in India

With respect to project consulting, we deliver something called Decision as a Service (DaaS), with an average TAT of a couple of months for a given objective function. We've reduced the cost and time of decision and GTM cycle by 75-80 percent, leveraging open-source technologies, run by the brightest talent available, there by allowing businesses to respond to market realities more quickly and efficiently. In doing so, we are smartly creating a market for Indian talent to be able to compete and provide these services to a global audience.

In the realm of training, where we witness a constant divide between what the industry expects and what the academia churns out, we work to bridge the skills gapon the supply side. Our programs include skill specific, Train to Hire programs for large enterprises where we Mobilize, Train and Hire candidates across Indian universities. These programs help to create a steady pipeline of talent for the enterprises as well as help improve the productivity, employability, and remuneration for fresh talent. For students, we work with individual candidates and universities to develop and run bridge programs that help them appreciate the practical side

of how technology can be used to solve real-world problems. This reduces the learning curve when the student graduates to the industry and becomes viable as soon as they join an organization. In fact, the office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India has endorsed and lent support to our skills development programs.

What are the future plans of Cogniticx? How does it plan to execute them?
As we have exceptional talent in India, we seek to broaden their canvas and bring them opportunities from around the world. We are not only collaborating with larger organizations but also providing opportunities for solopreneurs, as well as smaller data sciences and digital firms in India, by reaching out to organizations around the world and trying to get business for firms in India. We are already in talks with some of the biggest insurers in Southeast Asia and Middle Eastern markets for establishing their capability centers in India, where we offer talent that has been screened and ratified to power their capability centers, thereby creating opportunities for talent.

Our fundamental idea is to be able to create value-added work opportunities for the fantastic STEM talent in India. We will be investing more in our training vertical, setting up centers in smaller towns, tying up with more universities and larger clients who can assist us in bringing these work opportunities to Tier-II and III cities, making the tech riches a more inclusive phenomenon, one where entire Bharat gets benefited and not just Metro-India.

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Cogniticx: Leading-Edge Gig Talent Ecosystem In The Indian Digital & Data Science Landscape