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D2K Technologies: Leading Financial Institutions from Data to Knowledge

 Siddharth Sudhakar, Technical Product Manager, VK Sudhakar,  Director

D2K designs innovative solutions for the banking industry which have functionalities across domains. Our products cover the entire range of processes for the banking industry, right from lead generation to price discovery, credit appraisal, monitoring to RBI reporting.

In conversation with Siddharth Sudhakar, Technical Product Manager and VK Sudhakar, Director, D2K Technologies

Financial sector has welcomed a lot of technological renovations. What kind of transformations has D2K Technologies brought about?
D2K Technologies has an 18 year old tradition of transforming the BFSI through developing and deploying innovative IT products across the areas of credit risk, compliance, analytics, and litigation management etc. Our clientele are among the leading public and private sector banks. We are using backward & forward links, behavioral analysis, and other dynamic parameters including 120 market variables to automate the banking processes. Via this approach we’ reintroducing predictive analytics to the banking operations which can enable banks to foresee any obstacle or loophole in their processes and accordingly take decisions. D2K has been adept in helping banks in their time critical and function critical operations. Since we work around huge chunks of data in order to deliver our clients with the right insights, we are called D2K, which means, Data to Knowledge. The idea is to provide systems that can have

profound impact on people, processes and profitability of business through mutually enriching experience.

D2K Technologies has an 18 year old tradition of transforming the BFSI through developing and deploying innovative IT products across the areas of credit risk, compliance, analytics, and litigation management

Banking operations are siloed with different verticals requiring divided attention. Enabling an Enterprise wide view for the banking clients has been a key feat for D2K Technologies. We are a company that is deeply ingrained in this domain with a plethora of solutions for key business segments. A number of models like our credit risk prediction model and recovery model that we have built are proprietary in nature. We have enabled bankers to see technology for what it is. This means we have allowed bankers to overcome overly challenging business process and adopt simplistic and transformative procedures throughout the enterprise.

With your approach towards to data, how have you reduced the time required for lender and borrowers to transact?
Our systems actually help in identifying stress a preceding a probable cause. This is helpful for SMEs who are easily become the victims of defaulters. More so, whenever there is a liquidity problem in the market, the SMEs will get the heat all the time. We are able to build 70-80 percent confidence level for SME clients. We trunk all the parameters that are dynamic in nature and try to establish the financial health of SMEs clients so their liquidity is to held enabling them to choose their clients. At the same time, we have a solution that helps banks to decide which SME to lend to. In the digitization aspect,we have a product called EasyLoans. This

is a workflow based system for easy monitoring of various stages of Retail credit deployment loan application, collection, pre-sanction processing, and sanctions.

We have far & large enabled lending SMEs to digitize the entire process. This has also allowed such SMEs to build a brand of trust and accountability. Unlike the traditional process where a bank first on boards customers and then decide whether to sanction their loan application, we follow a ‘Presinct’ model, which allows the banks to choose what kind of borrowers they want to onboard. Secondly on the borrowers (SMEs, corporate) front, we allow them to choose which lender they want to have in their books.

How is D2K different from other players in the market in terms of the approach towards clients?
When we talk to clients, we take a close look at their processes and then decide the appropriate technology that would fit in to solve their particular problem. Going beyond clients’ expectation to automate the process, we bring in the analytics inclination Where in the client learn along with the automated processes with a knowledge enriched environment So instead of just compiling A set of information on a single dimension, we enable the product on multiple dimensions with a 360 degree view. Our primary Goal is to mitigate risk and not transfer risk.

Where is D2K Technologies headed in the years to come? How do you further look forward to enhancing the financial domain?
Our vision is primarily to build more products in the AI, ML domain, around prediction of credit risk defaults. We are exploring blockchain, mobile technologies for our future implementations. We have keen eye in the agri lending space where in the farmers and the financial institutions will be stakeholders in the common economic growth. We have built models that mitigate the risks for both the lender and farmer by showing 70-80 confidence level before the farmer has sown the crop. We largely look forward to reach out to a broader market.

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