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Deepthi Software Solutions: A Complete Package For Hassle-Free Hospital Management

Sunil Kumar Varma,Founder & Managing Partner

Sunil Kumar Varma

Founder & Managing Partner

Each Hospital is a unique entity of its kind with respect to administration, patient management, location, available resources and whatnot. As they are known to manage not just their patients but the entire functionality of their system, it gives all the more reasons to use a software application that specializes in streamlining and facilitating their niche operations. A company that’s known for developing highly customized hospital management products and solutions is Hanamkonda-based Deepthi Software Solutions.

The company truly believes that every client and their requirement is unique, and hence, provides tailored services to its clients. Over the years, it has built an experience plinth by incorporating feedback from its clients and this robust feedback mechanism helps them to stay up to date, offering maximum out of the box features. Sunil Kumar Varma, Founder and Managing Partner sheds light on the company’s operations and specialties through an exclusive interview with CIO Insider.

In conversation with Sunil Kumar Varma, Founder & Managing Partner

Hospital management solutions industry has long become populous with a huge number of technology companies present. Where is Deepthisoft positioned in this populous industry?
The huge demand for ‘Medical Smart

Office’, a complete Hospital Management System (HMS), was what made way for Deepthisoft to become one of the best-selling HMS suits. It was around 15 years ago when we conceptualized and incorporated our company in a garage setup alongside many other tech giants. Since then, we have bred the MSO from strength to strength without seeking any grants or investments from anybody. It has helped Deepthisoft rise to a stage where it is not only known for its deliveries of its products, but has fetched a great reputation among the Maternity Hospitals and Nursing Homes. Today, our firm holds a client base that exceeds 200 hospitals and commands good respect for the services it offers.

Our software was built over the years by incorporating constant feedback from clients

What's a unique proposition that takes you beyond the competition? How do you tackle the client’s sophisticated requirements and provide a problem-centric solution?
We always try to give our best to our clients in terms of Product and Application support within the reasonable costs. We truly believe that every client has unique requirements and our well-established process helps in providing thoroughly tailored services to our clients. Our software was built over the years by incorporating constant feedback from clients.

By gathering those feedbacks through our robust feed- back mechanism, we stay up to date to offer a plethora of out of the box features. Our modular approach during the development helps us to cater various customizations within a short span of time. Moreover, our MSO solution comes with a finance module which provides required tools to complete the financial audit without any hiccups. These unique propositions

positioned us beyond our competitors’ reach.

Tell us about your portfolio of solutions. Briefly explain the kind of technology framework and skills applied.
The product was built on VB and MySQL and is hosted on-premise. We are making a concerted effort to move the product to Cloud based offerings and build rich user experiences. Having said that, the product in its current form is serving the client base well and is modular enough to meet dynamic user requirements.

Is there any deployment story that you could share, incorporating the challenges faced by the healthcare provider, the solution Deepthisoft developed and the difference it made for the client?
There was a high priority request from a hospital wherein the admin wanted to pull out the details of a patient by scanning a QR code printed on the patient's prescription, which would ease the process of pulling out patient records that were yet to be made available to consulting doctors. This is where Deepthisoft stepped in to solve this task by exploiting the modular design of the product and put together a new module that was able to scan and pull out the necessary records within a span of 75 days.

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What’s Deepthisoft's future roadmap?
We are planning to invest in a technological upgrade that would enhance the products capability to service hospitals with more than 500 beds. In the future, Deepthisoft aims to build a bigger brand for itself in the HMS space by offering more scalable products than what we are offering now and foray into mobile apps so that doctors & consultants can access records of patients on the move through devices with varying form factors. All of this would of course be accomplished by putting patient’s privacy and rights at the center.

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Deepthi Software Solutions: A Complete Package For Hassle-Free Hospital Management