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Denpro Technologies: An End-to-End SAP Solutions Provider

Gulrez Hasan & Harish Arora,Directors

Gulrez Hasan


An organization choosing its technology partner is no less of an affair than a person choosing a life partner. Of course, you can change your partner, but at what cost is the real question. The post pandemic explosion in the technology industry has only made this question more relevant. Hence, the smartest of management teams choose their technology teams wisely and avoid a go-around down the line. Most of the organizations prefer safer options like Denpro Technologies, a Noida-based IT solutions provider who boasts a holistic approach and is a one-stop-shop destination when it comes to technology solutions. Denpro excels in the BFSI segment as a technology partner, making sure its clients are never in need to knock another door to find solutions to their sophisticated problems. The company offers everything from SAP Services & Solutions to ERP Advisory, and IT & Cloud solutions. In a quest to explore more about the company, CIO Insider interviews Denpro’s Directors, Gulrez Hasan and Harish Arora.

In conversation with Gulrez Hasan and Harish Arora, Directors, Denpro Technologies

SAP Market is expected to manifest a CAGR of 5.5 percent during 2021-2026. While SAP has more than 21,000 cloud partners in India, where is Denpro positioned in this ecosystem? What’s your USP?
We have carved a niche in the industry by developing several SAP centric solutions for several areas of the industry such as GST filing, E-Invoicing, E-Way Bill, QR/Barcodes, TCS, Bank Automation Solutions, FIORI, SAP Robotic Process Automation solutions etc. These deliverables are backed up by the expertise of Denpro’s strong SAP team headed by Directors with robust experience in almost all areas of SAP execution such as SAP Consulting, SAP Solutioning, Project Management, Program Management, SAP Audit, and

ERP selection, among others. We bring in the experience of developing on SAP VAT integration Solutions for our European clients.

In a nutshell, our USP is the smooth and secure integration with any third party software. We have done several projects wherein we have successfully integrated SAP with third party solutions/software or ERPs. We excel in providing SAP integration solutions and GST/Tax/VAT compliance solutions.

How do you ensure understanding the customer’s precise pain-points and delivering the problem/requirement centric, integrated solutions rather than just selling the deliverables? Is there any SOP in place to ascertain this?
Our mantra at Denpro is that ‘never focus on sales; always focus on solutioning, and the sales will automatically follow’. Our wisdom enables us to see the big picture. We are guided by the thought to always become a partner to our clients, constantly finding solutions to all the pain points throughout their journey. ‘Denpro’ should be the first name that pops up in any client’s mind whenever they face an issue, problem or pain. Above all, all our endeavors are focused on ensuring high-quality delivery with-in stipulated time and budget. That’s an inevitable aspect of having recurring business.

Over the last six years, Denpro has grown at a CAGR of 60 percent, and we are looking towards much higher growth in the coming years as we have identified a lot of untapped areas in the market

Tell us about your portfolio of Solutions.
We offer a wide range of services and products under four segments: SAP Services, SAP Solutions, ERP Advisory, and IT & Cloud solutions. Our SAP services include everything from S4 HANA Implementation & HANA Migration to SAP Support, Analytics, ECC 6.0 Rollout, Resourcing, and third party integrations. Additionally, our SAP solutions include FIORI Apps development (Dashboards, MIS & KPIs), GST Connector for SAP, E-Way Bill Connector, E-Invoice Connector and Banking & Invoice Automation. Denpro’

ERP Advisory services cover everything from ERP Fitment Assessment to Program Management, Audit, and Optimization & Control review and Readiness Assessment. We also offer a wide horizon of IT & Cloud Solutions, including futuristic technologies like RPA for SAP, Power Business Intelligence, BPM, and SAP Cloud Hosting Solutions.

Your company boasts of hundreds of successful projects. Could you tell us a challenging implementation story, including the before-after scenario?
Sure. One of our clients is PPAP Automotive Ltd, which is a Noida based Auto Ancillary company. Before we became their technology partner, all their processes were running on a small ERP solution, involving a lot of manual/excel sheet processes. This made it difficult to manage the high growth rate of the company and also limited the financial growth. We implemented a SAP S4 HANA solution for PPAP, and as a result, all their departments were integrated and all the functional departments including Sales, Purchase, Inventory movements, Production, Quality, and Finance were streamlined. It resulted in rapid acceleration of their growth.

Harish Arora, Director

Where is the company headed in the years to come? What is the kind of future that Denpro is looking forward to?
Over the last six years, Denpro has grown at a CAGR of 60 percent, and we are looking towards much higher growth in the coming years as we have identified a lot of untapped areas in the market. We have started the process for building SAP partnerships in India and are developing several new SAP solutions for the market. We have also planned to start our operations in African and Gulf countries in this year itself. So, we consider this year as a starting point of a big journey ahead. We are also planning to come up with an SME IPO in 2023. So, lots of things will be happening in the next couple of years.

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