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Designcoz: Best Digital Product Design Partner For Startups

Althea Coutinho, Co-Founder & COO,Devina Coutinho, Co-Founder & CEO

Althea Coutinho, Co-Founder & COO

Devina Coutinho, Co-Founder & CEO

Designcoz is a process driven UI-UX Design Agency with an innate ability to develop valuable digital products through indepth research, functional design, and cutting edge technology. The firm was established in 2015 by Devina Coutinho and Althea Coutinho, and has a track record of assisting in the launch of around 150 startups. Devina adds, “Chaos is our raw material & problem solving is in our DNA. We believe that complex product challenges are half solved just by asking the right questions. With every product we build, we are looking to achieve the unconscious delight by focusing on the only target The User”

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, Devina Coutinho acquaints us more about the unique proposition of Designcoz.

Acquaint Us With The Inception Story Of Designcoz Studios And Where Is It Positioned In The UI/UX Market Today?
In 2015, when Designcoz was incorporated, we began as UX consultants, working hands-on with founders energized by being part of their growth story. We assisted in the launch of nearly +150 startups over a period of time designing everything digital from mobile apps, websites, web portals, enterprise apps and others. As the industry evolved, we transitioned from UX design into a more holistic digital product design agency that delivers quality, speed and agility startups need to succeed.

We work with a lot of New Age Tech brands and Tech disruptors. We work with a lot of New Age Tech brands and

Tech disruptors, and also work closely with serial entrepreneurs. 90 percent of our projects come via referrals, and a prominent few include Coverfox, Crafts villa, Acko, Paytm and HomeLane.

Our methodology is such that we we create measurable value for a business with every product we launch in the market

What Is The Company's Underlying Value Proposition For Each Product IT Delivers?
Our methodology is such that we try to create tangible value for a business with every product we launch in the market Launch, Measure, Analyze, Experiment, Redesign, Re-launch. We closely track product metrics like engagement, conversion time spent and other aspects, and consistently work towards improving it. Our process includes under standing the user, conveying the value proposition, conducting a competitor analysis to designing pixel perfect mockups. We have a wide variety of experience across multiple domains whether it's e-Commerce, gaming, insurance, finance, parenting or furnishings, we've worked in a range of industries.

What Are The Emerging Technology Trends That The Company Is Looking At?
The right brained creative service industry is very unorganized and inefficient today, and hence we are moving towards automating our processes efficiently. Though we are a service company, we're trying to productise our services so that we can

achieve scale. The aim is to streamline all of our internal operations to achieve growth like the left brained IT service industry.

What Is Your Method Of Solving Product Challenges And Could You State A Recent Case Study Supporting This?
We have a smart team of entrepreneur turned designers. They are passionate about shipping delightful products and have a 360 degree view of a business. We conduct ideation workshops, where in we work with stakeholders in short five day sprints, to brainstorm solutions together. We conduct extensive AB testing try out different things, put them out in the market, assess what works best, and then make modifications to continuously enhance the product. We also have processes in place to improve product metrics. At the end of the day, just offering business value is not enough, its critical that you put numbers and put numbers to define how well your product has performed. Thus we look at a lot of metrics so that products may be improved on a day-to-day basis.

For instance, after we launched the Aster Online website engagement on the platform, as well as revenue, nearly doubled in a year. We were able to bring a 100 percent business impact. Similarly, for Cover fox, the industry average on unassisted conversion was at four percent, but after we designed it, it increased to 12 percent. All in all, we are able to provide measurable business value to our clients, wherein we don't just say we'll offer you a design and things will become better; we tell you how much better. We excel in bringing about change that actually impacts the numbers, which gives us an edge over the others.

Where Does Designcoz Envision Itself In The Future?
We want to spread our footprint across all the leading startup economies of the world. With focus on digital products, we want to be the Trusted Creative Long Term Partner in the startup ecosystem and achieve quality at scale. We want to set trends and shape the industry for our clients and our designers, and are always looking to move forward, faster.

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Designcoz: Best Digital Product Design Partner For Startups