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DKG Labs- IoT System Integration and Telematics Solution for Diverse Industries

Deep Krishna ,MD

DKG Labs, headquartered in New Delhi, is an innovative network of experts in technology and consulting. Leadership at DKG Labs believes in helping employees, partners and clients – to exceed their own expectations. DKG Labs’ Leadership team comprises of IIT Alumnus and Ex-employees of global corporations like GE, Microsoft, KPMG, TCS, HCL, Wipro, and Mahindra. We were able to catch a conversation with one of the key members of DKG’s leadership team.

In conversation with Deep Krishna, Managing Director, DKG Labs

Along with improving operational efficiency, fleet managers realize that fleet management software is vital to not only the safety of the assets being transported, but the safety of the company vehicles, employees, and the general public as well. What segment of the Vehicular journey does DKG labs address and how?

With 8 years of experience in IoT, DKG Labs has become a pioneer on the Internet of Vehicles. Our objective is to enhance operational efficiency and business productivity which will in turn increase fleet utilization and reduce the loss for enterprises through real-time location tracking. Further, AI, Mobile application, IoT Platforms and condition-based servicing is provided by us to maximize vehicle uptime, prove asset longevity and reduce service costs. We have been delivering our product to clients successfully with best-in-class quality for a long time. We always focus on client satisfaction by providing them a high product quality with 24x7 customer support.

As more advancement is made in the areas of augmented reality,

autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence, both safety and efficiency are being transformed for drivers and safety managers. What kind of products and services does DKG Labs provide to the customer in this changing phase of time?

AI-based IoT, data analytics and predictive maintenance are transforming fleet vehicle repair. DKG Labs’ IoT Hub and AI-based recommendation engines are bringing the same level of convenience, accuracy, and speed to the transportation and mobility industry, making the transport of goods and people more agile, more resilient and safer. Also, the company provides real-time fleet optimization using Relay systems and pit-stop solution to ensure the efficacy of drivers and fleet.

Due to road construction, accidents, and other unanticipated conditions, the vehicles deviate from their schedules. At the same time, there is a need for the infrastructure surrounding the vehicles to continually know the actual status of the vehicles. How do you overcome these challenges?

DKG Labs has scrutinized these practical situations and after observing the situations, have developed system integrators solutions according to the conditions. Firstly, we have implemented regular fleet maintenance and 24x7 alert-based monitoring where systems will include inspections at the start of each trip like alcohol testing, OBD based vehicle diagnostics to ensure the truck is in a safe condition to ply. And secondly, we focus on efficiency, not speed, that’s why driver performance-based incentive is linked to his driving efficiency and not turnaround times. This emphasizes the need to eliminate unscheduled stoppages and inefficiencies in driving as opposed to speeding to meet turnaround time.

The company provides real-time fleet optimization using Relay systems and pitstop solution to ensure the efficacy of drivers and fleet

Share us a success story about one of your implementations.
We helped one of the top iron ore mining company in India. The business pain was to track the ROM from the mines to different stocking points and integrate the information to backend SAP. There was also integration with weighbridge, RFID integration with loader, dumpers and other HEMM. Earlier, they have deployed a costly system from Australia based company but it was not generating ROI as not suited well to Indian geological and mining conditions and constraints. Afterward, when we helped them, we adopted the first of its kind dynamic geo-fence and milestone-based approach keeping in view the progress of mining benches and dynamic allocation of routes. DKG Labs mini-TDS and InciMat product have been used in the overall solution. We always remain in touch with our clients for their assistance/ support.

What is your vision for the company? What new and exciting products is DKG Labs bringing forth in the market?

We would continue to focus on the AI-driven Digital IoT solution for our customers. We are coming out with plug-n-play IoT module and dashboard for electric vehicles (4-wheelers) and electric scooters. We are also in the process of developing protocol and industry agnostic IoT Hub – InciMat which will directly be integrated to cloud-based systems AWS, GCP, and Azure. Additionally, we would be introducing LoRa-WAN based devices for IIoT customers. Basically, DKG Labs aims to create an IoT eco-system which will set-up low cost and affordable solutions for their customers.

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