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Efftronics: Smart Implementations for a Renewed City

Anvesh Dasari, Vice President

Anvesh Dasari

Vice President

Efftronics Systems has been relentlessly ideating and executing efficient and crucial smart solutions. Headquartered in Vijayawada, Efftronics Systems Private Limited is an ISO 9001-2015 certified IT company established in the year 1985. Continuous investment in R&D activities has enabled the company to develop innovative processes, products and technologies.

In conversation with Anvesh Dasari, Vice President, Efftronics Systems

The internet of things (IoT) has redefined the technological landscape in the last decade beyond people’s imagination. IoT is not only becoming a technical but also a social phenomenon, changing people’s perception of devices around the environment they live in. Tell us about Efftronics Systems’ contribution in this culture of connected devices.
Efftronics has been working in IoT and Smart cities domain. Before IoT we used to develop data acquisition systems. Recent years, we have been working on use cases around key verticals in IoT. We are building an ecosystem of IoT solutions to bring in predicaments of the assets. Using this we are improving the availability of the assets and in turn, reducing the traffic condition. In smart cities we are working around IoT solutions for water distribution, where we are working to reduce unaccounted water, increase the

quality of the water and reduce cost of operation. All our solutions are aimed at delivering better value to the customer using IoT technology.

Efftronics is using AI, ML and IoT to predict the failure and do a predictive maintenance of the assets

Gartner predicts the price of IoT sensors will come down in 2019, which will enable more companies to use them to gain insights in various industries. How does Efftronics Systems provide insight for enhancing wealth of the customers in different segments of industry?
Not just the cost of sensors but the pricing model of Electronics too, is reducing all together drastically. As a result of this, we see IoT penetrating into various verticals. This will induce a significant change in the verticals. Now, we are focusing on key verticals such as transportation, and cities. We intend to develop key solutions where we can bring in truthful information to the customer using these IoT devices. For example, we provide energy meters. Using energy meter, the customer will know the consumption of energy and accordingly make savings based on the data. We provide water meters, by allowing water distribution or societies identify the areas where wastage of water is maximum and take measures to reduce it. Likewise, we are able to conserve the resources for enhancing the wealth of the customer.

What kind of IoT services and solutions does Efftronics provide to its customers in order to help them transform their industry into a Digital Enterprise?
We are working on three main verticals in IoT-Railways, Smart cities, and Connected Home solutions. In railways,

we work on monitoring the signaling in railways and leveraging this we are able to enhance the availability of the equipment. Efftronics is using AI, ML and IoT to predict the failure and do a predictive maintenance of the assets. Similarly in Smart Cities we are working on intelligence transport where we are able to reduce the travel time using adaptive traffic control systems. These are the new state of our traffic signal which has got vehicle detectors. We are also working on Water treatment domain where we monitor the water contamination situation in the city and identify the unaccountedness of water in the cities. In smart buildings, we are bringing in innovative solutions like smart lighting and home automation thereby facilitating ambiance without compromising with comfort to the people living in the buildings.

Such advancements are accompanied with great success stories. Tell us a few that Efftronics registered in the portfolio.
We have multiple success stories. We have made an IoT implementation for water distribution system in Vijayawada. This implementation enabled the city of Vijaywada to reduce the unaccounted water from 32 percent to 8 percent and secure huge savings to municipality. In another project at Gujarat’s Gandhinagar, Efftronics built an adaptive traffic control system which was successful in reducing the journey time of citizens by more than 30 percent. These are the kind of success figures we registered in our implementations.

What further do you plan for Efftronics in terms of innovation or geographical expansions?
We want to be a very strong player in the verticals that we have chosen, such as signalling in railways, smart cities and smart homes. In the years to come, efforts are underway to expand ourselves beyond the country to overseas markets like North America and Europe as well.

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