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Anantha Narayanan ,Country Manager

Anantha Narayanan

Country Manager

The pace at which the medical imaging technology has unfolded in the recent years is something to fathom. Innovations don’t come easy. Instead, it requires the knowledge & understanding of the domain’s pain points and an unmoving zeal to serve the community at large. Based out of Hakusan in Japan, with an Indian office at New Delhi, EIZO Corporation is a high-end visual technology provider availing quality products for the healthcare sector. Capturing, Recording & Distributing and Displaying of the Images are the four elements that EIZO implements and maintains in every solution or product that is released in the market. The company’s research is strongly based on these 3 elements.

"With intense R&D and testing in-house, EIZO strives to bring in only the best of healthcare products to the market"

With intense R&D and testing in-house, EIZO strives to bring in only the best of healthcare products to the market. Unlike similar fairly capable vendors in the market that only use batch-testing, EIZO takes it a notch further by testing every single monitor before it leaves the factory. Through this EIZO products are ensured to carry no missing pixels or strange colors, and that all components are working correctly. A unique feature of EIZO is that all of their monitors – not just medical – are tested using the human eye. Plainly because; while machines only work in 1s and 0s, the human eye can distinguish slight variations between screens, and notice any defects that a machine may miss. Thus, it can be safely said that all monitors are reliable and in top working condition when they leave the factory.

EIZO’s healthcare monitors are also individually adjusted to confirm that there are minimal brightness fluctuations across the screen. Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) function, as it is called, it evens out the fluctuations in brightness and chroma across the screen. This provides a screen that is almost completely uniform in brightness, so that medical images are viewed accurately across the screen. EIZO’s medical monitors undergo another adjustment in the factory that sets the grayscale tone to be compliant with DICOM Part 14, making the monitors ready to be used straight from the box. Reliability of equipments is more crucial in healthcare than one realizes in any other sector. And EIZO’s monitors capture the essence of reliability in a truly thorough way. Under their G&R Series, the visual technology innovator offers a wide range of monitors with varying resolutions and sizes, allowing users to choose monitors that are ideal for each imaging type. However, using several monitors to view different types of images together is not really the best option given the space requirements and the costs. ‘Multimodality Monitors’ is an offering by EIZO to address this inconvenience. These monitors are wide, high resolution monitors that can display both color and monochrome images simultaneously. RadiForce RX850 8 megapixel monitor is one such installment to the portfolio which is recommended to be more efficient to use than two 5 megapixel monitors. Particularly, because the ability to view both color and monochrome images together on the one screen, without distracting bezels in between, increases work efficiency for doctors.

Helping Doctors all the way, EIZO has also developed several features to aid doctors in managing the viewing of multiple images. The Work-and-Flow feature introduced by EIZO has various functions, one of which can allow the user to use a single mouse and keyboard for two different side-by-side workstations.

CuratOR Enabling Modern Hybrid ORs
Besides their knowhow and R&D in monitors, EIZO has been equally competent with other aspects of healthcare. The company also builds

surgical monitors, surgical panels, surgical field cameras, video management systems, signal transmitters, and image management software. One such curated set of products, CuratOR is a suite of solutions offered for interventional radiology, control room, and integrated OR. The INCCI at the Luxembourg Cardiac Hospital uses a plethora of EIZO products. The INCCI specializes in treating valvular defects and vascular diseases near the heart, among other cardiac procedures. In recent years, these procedures have developed into minimally invasive methods, which require the use of imaging systems. With a customized approach, EIZO furnished the hospital with a surgical panel to fit their size needs, and mode of operation. Having installed a CuratOR Surgical Panel and several CuratOR surgical monitors in the hybrid OR, the hospital has had one of the world’s most modern hybrid ORs since 2016. A number of RadiForce monitors in the control room are also part of the hospital’s assets. The entire setup is managed by EIZO’s CuratOR Caliop software and a CuratOR Large Monitor Manager.

EIZO Corporation has been able to achieve this greatness through their loyalty towards the 3 primary elements mentioned earlier. “We intend to create comprehensive solutions that encompass Capturing, Recording and Displaying of images; creating a growth engine for an imaging chain of innovation”, says Anantha Narayanan, Country Manager, EIZO Corporation. Exhibiting their sheer ingenuity in the product line offered, EIZO Corporation has made it clear that there is more to be expected in the years to come.

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