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Elektrobit: Embedded Augmented Reality Software Solution to Validate Automated Driving

Satish Sundaresan,VP & MD - India

Satish Sundaresan

VP & MD - India

In the era of digitalization, trends changes in every arena from fashion to education daily. Software development is one of those fields which is changing at an extremely fast pace. Every year brings some brand new surprises for software developers. The work of a developer touches almost every life on the planet. Hence, more people are moving into the development sector and picking the trending technology. The software development is working at a full and same pace all over the world.

Based out of Germany, with an Indian office at Bangalore, Elektrobit(also called EB), is a global supplier of embedded and connected software products & services for the automotive industry. EB‘s software powers over 1 billion devices in more than 90 million vehicles and offers flexible,innovative solutions for connected car infrastructure, human machine interface(HMI) technologies, navigation, driver assistance, electronic control units(ECUs),and software engineering services. Additionally, Elektrobit is a global subsidiary of Continental AG and also carries out certain projects together. Continental is a German automotive manufacturing company for automotive and transportation industries. Elektrobit remains an ¬fully independent organization catering to various global automotive customers, including Continental.

Further, the software provider company is introducing brand Elektrobit in India as a versatile and new-age organization given today’s changing automotive industry scenario as well as employee expectations. “We are preparing for the Indian market to help local car manufacturers to adopt world class technologies in a feasible way. The software skill and knowledge in India

are high and that is the strength Elektrobit is looking to leverage for carrying out development work in the country”, said Satish Sundaresan, Managing Director of India and VP, Elektrobit. Elektrobit India is a R&D and sales site, with 230 employees and caters to product development & project execution for EB global.

Customer Focused Automotive Grade Software
Automotive industry is undergoing changes in technology in a competitive environment, at an unimaginable scale. Software and electronics are increasing its presence in the modern vehicle and vehicular architectures are bringing IT related features and risks into the car. With over three decades of experience in this business, Elektrobit help customers to adopt new age technology by architecting the experience inside & outside of the vehicles which connects it in a safer manner. The company also creates differentiating solutions for automatic cars and facilitates automotive grade software partnership for the entire vehicle’s lifecycle. These adoptions enable knowledgeable development, testing and business teams. The company offers variety of automotive industry grade software & hardware products, solutions & services catering to segments such as connected mobility, automated driving, next-generation user experience and vehicle infrastructure.

"Elektrobit’s Vision Is To Make Its Innovations The Soul Of The Future Vehicle In New Age Domains Like Vehicle Infrastructure, User Experience, Highly Automated Driving And Connected Mobility"

Security Concerns in Automation Field
Elektrobit provides cyber security solutions and related risks, as well as threat assessment of connected mobility. Through its parent company Continental, Elektrobit GmbH, acquired Israeli start-up Argus Cyber Security in late 2017 that prevented connected cars to become a target of attack. Elektrobit and Argus together deliver a complete end-to-end security solution, not limited to the connected car alone but even to the cloud services of the OEM in the back end. This ensures that even when the vehicle software is getting updated via Over-The-Air updates, the software offers the highest level of security that protects the entire

value chain involved in the connected vehicle network; and is not susceptible to being hacked.

Furthermore, Elektrobit offers all forms of software development models as options to its original equipment manufacturers and tier-1 customers. Elektrobit partnered with a well-known car manufacturer in Germany that produces passenger vehicles. Thecompany develops a modular Infotainment system enabling the solution to be used for any of their model lines, while maintaining a consistent interaction paradigm with the required look and feel.Due to the advent of new technologies in the vehicle head unit, EB progressed into a key software integrator ensuring interoperability between 3rd party developed applications and the rest of the systems in the vehicle environment. The progression from already being a development partner and doing integration was imperative to extend the existing Instrument. Also, Cluster allowing drivers to safely operate their favourite gadgets in the vehicle using voice control.

With such flexible and innovative requirements for connected car software, Elektrobit wants to create internal future looking innovative projects that can cater to the needs of the car manufacturers in the next decade. In coming years, Elektrobit intends to cater safety and connectivity features which can provide trace ability of the vehicle, information on the reasons for failure of certain systems, and then be corrected or used to prove vulnerability. Elektrobit’s vision is to make its innovations the soul of the future vehicle in new age domains like vehicle infrastructure, user experience, highly automated driving and connected mobility.

In India, Elektrobit originally set out as a R&D site to help scale its global business. Investing in knowledge buildup and infrastructure, this is an established location catering to a variety of global and Asian programs. Additionally, Elektrobit is gearing up to cater to the local Indian market needs like training, local product sales, product localization, customization and consulting, with the objective to bring world leading technologies to the Indian ecosystem.

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Elektrobit: Embedded Augmented Reality Software Solution to Validate Automated Driving