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eMudhra: Redefining Cyber Security

Kaushik Srinivasan, Head - Strategy & Global Solutions Delivery

Kaushik Srinivasan

Head - Strategy & Global Solutions Delivery

On an average, 6,189,295 records are stolen every day; 257,887 records are stolen every hour; 4,298 records are stolen every minute; and 72 records are stolen every second. The average cost of a stolen record is between USD 155 to USD 355; while the average cost of a breach is USD 3.62 million.

When the threat perspective along with the monetary risk of a cyberattack is at such a high level, enterprises cannot rely on traditional authentication solutions which have time and again proved to be vulnerable against highly motivated cyber criminals to provide complete security. “In such a challenging environment, one of the easiest ways businesses can stay one step ahead of the hackers and future proof themselves is by implementing a more sophisticated Identity, Authentication & Access Management ecosystem across the organization using eMudhra’s portfolio of authentication solutions,” says Kaushik Srinivasan, Head Strategy and Global Solutions Delivery, eMudhra a leading identity and trust service provider that is recognized by Gartner and IDC in multiple reports, including Gartner’s 2018 Market Guide for User Authentication, IDC’s Semiannual Software Tracker for Identity and Digital Trust Category, and most recently, Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Access Management.

“Our authentication suite not only provides organizations with multiple additional layers of security that better evaluate user’s identity, but it also helps them to deliver better user experience by not requiring users to take additional steps unless a risk or vulnerability is detected,” explains Kaushik. “The fact

that over 75 percent of top BFSI companies in India, including 47 banks in the country,are using our suite of authentication solutions to process over 10 million authentications every month is a testimony to the prowess of our offerings,” he concludes.

Our authentication suite is used to process over 10 million Authentications every month

The Core Engine
Built on top of a robust engine that supports 9 forms of authentication in a centralized manner across multiple applications and user ecosystems, eMudhra’s portfolio of authentication solutions have evolved to focus on identity governance and access management(IAM), while at the same time driving two critical imperatives:
i. Enable business growth by:
• Accommodating the needs of demanding, techsavvy users (i.e., customers, partners, employees, etc.)
• Driving greater employee productivity through enabling seamless yet secure access to business applications

ii. Protect the business by:
• Mitigating the risk of fraud, breaches, insider threats and improper access from both internal and external sources
• Safeguarding critical systems, applications and data

In simple words eMudhra’s Identity Management suite can:
• Help control access to applications and data residing on premise
• Align user access rights with business responsibilities, while providing unique capabilities to track and manage the use of privileged user IDs
• Help accelerate the delivery of secure, new business services, while improving the user experience
• Help mitigate risk by enabling centralized, consistent security policies across the enterprise including business units, individual locations, systems and the points of business partner and customer access
• Enhance compliance with federal mandates, laws and regulations, with regards to Identity, Authentication and Access Management

As a result,businesses can effectively:
• Grow by remaining agile and accelerating the delivery of web and mobile applications
• Be protected by ensuring that operations are supported by security measures that protect critical corporate and personal data-without impeding the user experience

Inbuilt Certificate Authority Server
eMudhra’s suite of authentication solutions have an inbuilt certificate authority server, i.e. emCA (eMudhra Certificate Authority) eMudhra’s PKI powered digital certificate issuance and management solution. Built exclusively to provide trust and control, emCA enables implementation of certifying authorities which are used for creation of RootCA’s or Issuing CA’s. “Built to handle large scale issuance of millions of Certificates, emCA is the platform of choice for digital identity lifecycle management using PKI for large Certifying Authorities and Governments globally,” explains Kaushik. “emCA is also capable of issuing certificates in mobile devices,” he concludes.

Blueprint for the Future
The reputation of eMudhra is not built in a day. The growing list of clientele is a testament to their passion and commitment to deliver the best.

Talking about the same, Kaushik says, “We are unlike another company in the industry.” “Focused on excellence and innovation, we have now reached a point where we can see the results of our efforts and hard work from the recognition that we are receiving from across the world. Going forward, we aim to expand our reach and venture into new territories. To this regard, eMudhra has already laid the foundation through 5 global offices and a channel network spanning nearly 40 countries. Further, we are also planning a slew of upgrades on our suite of authentication solutions to meet the global demand,” he concludes.

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