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Esfita Infotech: Domain Specific Solutions for Airlines, Catering and Facility Management

R S Venkatesan, Director & Founder

R S Venkatesan

Director & Founder

ESFITA is a bootstrapped startup which commenced its journey in the realms of the ITES space in 2014. ESFITA was created with the vision of providing simple, economical, customized, and versatile ITES products and services as solutions to companies across different verticals and to help them plug existing gaps in their operations, thereby helping in reducing operation costs and increasing revenues. ESFITA aspires to be pioneers in the deployment of their niche products and solutions.

The founding team of ESFITA has half a decade worth of experience in working with the airline/food industry in the Middle-East and hence ESFITA be gan its forays in the Catering/Facility management vertical. Currently, ESFITA has more than 6 satisfied MNCS and having successfully executed their product demands, ESFITA has recently spread their wings to include other verticals such as Finance and HR.

Java is used as the software platform to build industry and company specific SME products. The team from ESFITA adopts a method of comprehensive requirement gathering which helps in understanding the complexities involved, and hence aid in tailor-making an ITES solution which is both cost-effective and nuanced enough to handle the unique vagaries of the client. The USP of ESFITA’s products and tools is their capacity to be easily integrable or co-exist with the standard ERP solutions which have been already used by the clients. This helps in es chewing the need for any cumbersome overhaul of systems or processes. ESFITA’s market focus is evenly distributed between

the domestic and international markets.

Domestic Markets
One of the products offered by ESFITA is the Sales invoicing tool on Logistics and Airlines Ground handling. This Sales invoicing tool for Logistics companies is specifically built for Staff Logistics. This niche product is based on the concept of, ‘Trip sheet to Trial balance’. Typically in a niche logistics area such as Staff Transport, the billing cycles adopted by logistics firms is tedious and hence the realization of payment takes a long time. The tool minimizes the time involved in generating an invoice by accepting a single source of input from daily trip sheets, and generates the invoice for each customer by processing the input along with the contractual calculations. The survival slogan of this tool is: reduced billing cycle and quick realization, a win-win for both, the logistics provider and the paying company.

"The USP of ESFITA’s products and tools is their capacity to be easily integrable or co-exist with the standard ERP solutions"

ESFITA has also developed a tool for automating the Ground handling process for a reputed airlines company which operates multiple international and domestic flights from various airports in India. This particular solution has been hosted on cloud so as to enable a paperless environment and a swift invoicing cycle. The specialized ITES solution designed by ESFITA digitally captures the different services rendered by the Ground handling division on a tablet or a phone, validates the same with the existing contracts, and upon validation generates an invoice to minimize the billing cycle.

In order to assist organizations with their facility and compliance management ESFITA has developed an alert management system to monitor work-place compliances such as, Preventive and scheduled maintenance of equipments or vehicles and Expiry of contracts, licenses, and permits.

Based on the expiry dates, auto alerts are generated well in advance, alerting the client to monitor, service, or renew the contract for equipment or its part,

and avoid losses due to any delay in compliance. This alert management system is provided as a value add on to the Logistics and the Ground handling suites.

For one of its recent projects in Finance, ESFITA has developed a niche reconciliation tool called EI-RECON. EI-RECON reduces the monotony and manpower on repetitive reconciliation tasks,and provides an insightful MIS for the decision makers of an organization. The tool initializes the source and target data as input, and generates critical reports such as revenue budgeting, cash flow, inventory management, and ageing of debts. This product is avail able as a complete suit and also as individual modules which are customized according to the client’s needs and budget.

International Markets
ESFITA has been working with industry leaders in Airlines, Facility Management, and Industrial & Inflight Catering in the Middle-East. The verticals in which ESFITA actively provides tools and products include: facility management, remote site, room management and location management. In these spaces, the solutions provided by ESFITA comprise of dashboards and interactive reports on prediction, and control of production costs, which in turn result in accelerated revenues.

ESFITA has a payroll generation tool called EI-Payroll which facilitates the generation of accurate salary slips which are calculated by considering the time-sheets, varying allowances and deductions (in accordance to the company and country’s laws). EI-payroll is being used by clients across Middle East and Africa, and has also successfully tested waters in India.

“Being a midsize player we aim at a consistent and even growth, along with the support of our clients who become our brand ambassadors. We continuously strive to expand, improve, innovate, and please our clients. With our commitment as a sincere, honest and effective ITES provider, we look forward for a sustained and ascending growth in the coming days”, concludes R S Venkatesan.

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