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Exalca Technologies: Bringing Business Value & Usability to the Center of Digital Transformation

Balamanikandan Subramaniam,Director

The pandemic turned widely accepted and time-tested business principles upside down. It is no secret that business leaders today have conceded to the principle of ‘everything digital’, since it is the only way to future-proof the business. IDC recently predicted that by 2024, 75 percent of organizations will have comprehensive digital transformation implementation roadmaps, compared to 27 percent today. Gartner Inc, on the other hand, predicts that organizations will lower operational costs by 30 percent in just three years by infusing hyper-automation technologies with redesigned operational processes.

Every organization deserved to have a piece of this advantage. They just need to find a tech-partner with proven expertise & capabilities, such as Exalca Technologies Private Ltd. Based out of the Silicon Valley of India, Exalca is a leading business solutions & services partner offering proven industry demanding solutions, particularly on SAP. The company helps its clients tap into the aforementioned futuristic opportunities by enabling automated processes, simplifying business transactions, and exalting competitive benefits through technology-based business solutions. CIO insider engages in an exclusive interview with Exalca’s director duo, Balamanikandan Subramaniam and Kiruthikarani Balamanikandan who walk us through the latest endeavors of the company.

In conversation with Balamanikandan Subramaniam & Kiruthikarani Balamanikandan, Directors, Exalca Technologies

SAP has a robust partner ecosystem,

which has only grown stronger since the start of the pandemic. Where does Exalca find itself in this vast ecosystem?
We had a humble beginning in 2016 and have come a long way ever since then. Today, Exalca is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with offices in Bangalore, Coimbatore and Sharjah (UAE) and is home to a close to 200 people strong workforce. We have unique quality management processes that separate us from the competition and revolve around customer focus, continual process improvement and strong corporate governance.

We offer services that range from identifying exact pain areas and finding the right solutions to driving a holistic approach across the project initiative, starting from designing to completion to ensuring that our customers always derive measurable business benefits out of their SAP investments.

We have unique quality management processes that separate us from the competition and revolve around customer focus, continual process improvement and strong corporate governance

Tell us about the solutioning part of your deliverables.
Our comprehensive solutions portfolio incorporates enterprise mobility solutions, which includes Enterprise Asset Management Solutions, and Mobile Warehouse Management & Optimization Solutions (with Barcode/RFID/BLE devices, SAP Mobility, SMP, Offline, & Fiori). It also includes Data Optimization solutions such as Master Data Solution for SAP and Data Cleansing & Optimization, and Process Optimization solutions powered by Material Movement Tracking with RFID and SAP Certified Account Pay-able Automation additionally, we also offer Partner Collaboration solutions, which involve a Supplier Collaboration Portal as well as a Dealer Collaboration Portal.

Could you also brief us about the services Exalca offers?
We offer a wide range of services including every-thing from Enterprise Mobility services to Rapid Deployment, Cloud Services, and Usability services. Our Enterprise Mobility services can be anything from AMS to Consulting, Localization Services, Application Development, and Infrastructure deployment. Additionally, our Rapid Deployment capabilities includes SAP Fiori, and SAP Mobility Platform, while we also offer complete Cloud Infrastructure Migration services among others.

How would you describe the kind of solution finding experience a customer is entitled to when they become your partner?
We provide our clients with a holistic experience, starting right from the first contact. We have an elaborated discovery phase to recognize their pain points. We offer industry demanding solutions that define, realize and sustain real business change and are ready to be deployed within the fixed timelines and cost. We on-board a usability-first approach, and our deep expertise across SAP, Microsoft, HP, IBM, and Salesforce help us deliver an integrated solution experience to our clients. We also offer Regression Test support with SAP Test Framework.

When it comes to the future, what are your endeavors? What are the kind of achievements that you are looking forward to?
We strongly believe in imparting values to all the stakeholders of the ecosystem, including Employees, Customers, Stakeholders, Partners and the Community. We constantly strive to become a reputed and respected technology company, offering solutions and services to different parts of the world which helps customers reap maximum ROI out of their SAP investments. Our mission is to help customers in the Digital Transformation space with our solutions. We believe in being a socially responsible company in terms of people’s growth and greener organization, accumulating the anecdotes of customers as well as employees. Going forward, we confidently envision growing as a world class organization in terms of consumer value, customer service and employee talent.

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