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Genesis IT Innovations Limited: Telling Brand-Stories Through Cutting-Edge Audiovisual Solutions

Parthasarathy Madhiraju,Chairman

Technology is a synonym of change. Today, one of the many things it drives is customer experience and the way a brand offline communicates with its customers. The dynamic audio-visual & digital signage technology trends make it harder for brands to maintain their persona. Thus, companies always tend to choose experienced providers who can take care of their end-to-end audio-visual & digital signage requirements in a seamless manner. This is precisely why Genesis IT Innovations Ltd (GITL) is one of the most preferred & trusted Professional Audio Video System Integration Solution providers in the country. Possessing more than 20+ years of cross domain expertise, GITL’s offerings indeed go beyond Audiovisual solutions to include IoT based Security Solutions and Support services.

GITL boasts a strong portfolio of 12000+ projects executed across multifarious industries, including fortune 500 companies. That’s exactly where its strength, experience and expertise are drawn from. As this couples with its design & consultation approach, the company provides Consultation, Design, Supply of hardware, Logistics & Project management, Installation & Programming, Integration and professional Services – back-lifted by a highly trained & experienced workforce. The company has derived dedicated teams to perform different functions into perfection. This ranges from a team that provides customized CAD drawings to a technical project management team, implementation engineers, and a separate procurement and logistics team that ensures project equipment availability within the stipulated time frame. Its 140+ people strong workforce adhere to 30+ points of benchmarking of service & implementation to deliver guaranteed workmanship. No wonder GITL has grown consistently over the years in an exemplary manner. CIO Insider is delighted to engage in a chat session with the company’s Chairman Parthasarathy Madhiraju, who tells us about the latest endeavors of the company.

GITIL boasts an AV integration experience of more than two decades. Where are you positioned in the current AV integration industry with such a large level of expertise behind?
GITIL today is one of the premier and most reliable companies in the domain of AV. Over the last two decades, we have diversified into a range of different solutions that ensure keeping up with the pace of the industry. We have achieved growth and team strength, which enable us to cater to projects PAN India.

We have successfully delivered AV solutions to over 200+ clients across India ranging from many SME and fast-growing companies to very large multinational organizations. In the process, we have been fortunate enough to build our portfolio across multifarious projects. We have futurified hundreds of the auditoriums, boardrooms, training rooms, video conference suites, and much more with our solutions like Conferencing Hardware Systems, Control systems, LED Video Displays, Speakers & Audio Systems, Streaming Media Systems, and Storage & Distribution Systems. Our flagship offerings also include building state-of-the-art Product Experience

Centers, Command Centers (or NOCs), an entire gamut of Enterprise Solutions (AV/IP), Digital Signage, and a robust support infrastructure.

What’s the challenge that your company solves for your clients? What is your company’s unique selling proposition?
Most of our customers come to us with their own set of sophisticated challenges. There is no room for a generic approach towards solving a challenge. Understanding the customer’s perspective to the very last detail is the best approach towards figuring out and managing how we can help them achieve their goals. Most of the challenges revolve around the demand for quality AV, building a futuristic, robust & more competitive AV/ IT infrastructure, and integrating AV with IT. We have built our own niche in this area through our commitment towards and focus on our deliverables, uniqueness of our design, travelling ahead of the new technologies and trends in the AV industry, and also practicing the best methods in terms of after support & services.

We are now witnessing larger project implementations with new technologies like AV/IP, unified communications, interactive video walls, touch-less solutions, and many more

Could elaborate on how you ensure understanding the customer’s precise pain-points and delivering the problem/requirement centric solution rather than just selling your deliverables?
The key to uncovering and understanding a customer’s pain points is the discovery phase. That’s when our experts engage in detailed discussions with them to understand and identify their requirements. Thanks to our subject matter experts, this is also the basic USP of GITIL. The common challenges facing them are often pertaining to improving productivity, managing finance, streamlining process, and ensuring comprehensive support. In the design phase, our experts make sure that all such boxes are checked in addition to addressing their sophisticated company centric predicaments.

In the execution phase, wherein we tailor our services and position the solution according to the customers’ end-to-end needs, our passionate professionals who leave no stone unturned. They ensure that that, in the process, our customers become more efficient with respect to their overall spend, processes, and turnaround time.

Tell us more about your support services.
The lack of after-sales support at critical stages is a major challenge that the entire market faces. Back-lifted by a dedicated customer support team, we strive to put an end to this by offering comprehensive support services to our clients. Our professional comprehensive and non-comprehensive services are designed to cover all of the Audio-visual integration and collaboration requirements of our clients. We provide them with tailor-made solutions to solve their comprehensive maintenance and upkeep requirements. We also provide dedicated technical support & engineering services for all the onsite requirements.

Your company also offers an entire fleet of smart security solutions. Could you brief us about one of them?
Our building security solutions include Door Access Control Solution, Smart Biometric Access Control Solution, Gate Access Control Solution, Smart Video

Surveillance Solution, Perimeter Control Solution, Integrated Building Management Systems (IBMS), and Utilities & Critical Infrastructure Security Solution. The use of high-end technologies make them smart. For instance, let’s take our Smart Video Surveillance Solution.

Smart video surveillance is an IOT-based application that leverages the complete advantage of the internet. The CCTV technology has evolved exponentially from simple video footage monitoring to today’s intelligent systems that are capable of identifying abnormal events or behaviors. The system comprises a network of security cameras & collective functions, and it monitors video feeds on an internal system of monitors. The proposed system not only intimates about the presence of any person in the premises, but also provides more security by recording the activity of that person. While leaving the premises, the user can activate the system by entering a password and the system starts working with detection of motion refining to human detection, followed by counting humans in the room. It also notifies neighbors about the presence of an intruder by turning on an alarm. The same notification is sent to the user through SMS and e-mail as well.

“Smart video surveillance is an IoT-based application that leverages the complete advantage of the internet”

How do you maneuver futuristic technologies to offer unique and holistic customer experiences?
Customer experience is the top priority for many enterprises, as it directly drives customer retention, customer loyalty, customer encouragement, and much more. We are now witnessing larger project implementations with new technologies like AV/IP, unified communications, interactive video walls, touch-less solutions, and many more. Over the last few years, Hologram Effects has also created a major impact for business communications & marketing. Going forward, we also expect to see more interest and investments in Hologram Effects at live events.

In addition, GITIL is enabling our customers a set of more intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. It firmly backs enterprises that are moving to the edge of things by helping them capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it sooner. With GITIL as their IoT partner, companies can take advantage of the Intel IoT technology solutions & tools to facilitate more strategic decision-making, enable operational advancements, and power their industry-defining disruptions.

What is your vision while going for- ward and what is the future road- map set for your company?
Our vision is to be a recognized leader in the AV industry, which aligns with our mission to be the most trusted partner in the industry, while transforming our clients’ investments into profit by delivering insights to drive their business. We also see innovations around security. It’s exciting the way IOT has produced an incredible impact on security applications in terms of complexity & creating opportunity. GITIL, for the last several months, is working on providing our clients with a new proposition – an integrated security solution, encompassing modules like infrared sensors, IP Camera, and access control among others.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns the world over. Bringing customers to the epicenter of everything you do as an organization plays a pivotal role in achieving success, especially amid times like these. Customer experience today is increasingly recognized as a tangible thing. Hence, we are strengthening our skills & competencies that can manage it and meet the requirements of the market.

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Genesis IT Innovations Limited: Telling Brand-Stories Through Cutting-Edge Audiovisual Solutions