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Globus Eight: A B2B AI-Powered IoT Platform That Allows You To Connect Any IoT Device

Alok Sinha,CEO

The futuristic technologies like the Internet of Things & Artificial Intelligence are automating the way the world functions. Let’s take the example of patient care – an area that has undergone sea changes over the years. The patients today are more receptive to remote care and the pandemic has been a tailwind to this trend. The Government regulations and commercial insurance providers are also encouraging this paradigm shift that allows healthcare providers to serve patients while acquiring financial benefits and exercising safety. Globus Eight Inc, a US-based IT services company, owing thanks to its patented technology ‘LifeOn’ and its wide horizon of use-cases across the industry verticals, manifests the smartest solution to this need of the hour – LifeOnMD – an IoT & AI powered solution co-developed by Globus Eight & TechLeaders Consulting LLC. LifeOnMD, which recently received a national award – ‘IoT Health & Wellness Innovation Platform of the Year’, allows patients to remotely diagnose, monitor, eEncount, and check vitals such as blood glucose, blood pressure and hundreds of other parameters. In other words, it allows both the doctors and staff to work from home and still provide an entire gamut of healthcare services to patients.

LifeOnMD in fact is one of the latest additions to Globus Eight’s diverse portfolio of cutting-edge IoT & AI based LifeOn solutions alongside iROfficeMD – a remote clinic/physician office management system and LifeOn Enterprise Access Management system. Be it monitoring your personal wellness & health data or accessing the drive & performance data of your car, LifeOn’s broad spectrum of applications offers a solution.

Since its inception in 2013, Globus Eight has established itself as a technology integration company and has chiseled its own niche in advanced technology integration. Today, the firm focuses on three core areas: IoT framework, IT support & security, and healthcare domain. Over the years, Globus Eight has built a stellar portfolio. Setting up Cyber Intelligence Center for one of the Big-four consulting companies in India, the technology partnership with Wiley Publishing, completing HIPAA compliance projects for more than 400 providers, facilitating remote management for more than 300 networks, and registering 100 percent uptime for 99.99 percent of devices under management for five years in a row are only a few among its achievements along the way. The company’s prestigious customer ecosystem includes, but not limited to, Mahindra, Wiley, and M3M in India, VXL, LIENT, & LAMD in the US, and Deloitte & ACME in the Middle East. Globus Eight today is also the State Agent for New York eHealth Collaborative, helping more than 5000 healthcare providers.

Globus Eight and its amazing run in recent times has gained our attention big time. I reached out to the man at the helm, Alok Sinha, CEO of Globus Eight Inc. A few days ago, at his office, We had an engaging and interesting chat session with the veteran tech-leader who had just arrived after receiving the national award for LifeOnMD. He takes us through the latest endeavors of Globus Eight.

In conversation with Alok Sinha, CEO, Globus Eight

Thanks to IoT, the connectivity industry has become a populous one with a lot of vendors in quick time. What is the challenge that Globus Eight solves for its customers?
As IoT grew as a billion dollar industry, the market was flooded with IoT products & services providers. But there has been no predominant standardization as far as the technology is concerned, causing a lack of

integration among IoT devices. This exactly is the challenge that we solve for our customers. Through our patented technology, LifeOn, we present the world's largest integration of IoT and remote user devices.

LifeOn is a pluggable combination of hardware, software and services that will allow connecting almost any IoT device & service and enable a seamless experience, integrated use, analytics and cognitive blend. LifeOn integrates more than 80 percent of the IoT devices available in the market today and supports more than 1500 APIs. We usually integrate a product with our platform within matter of days of the product launch.

What’s the level of integration that we are talking about? How does LifeOn’s applicability add value?
LifeOn connects and integrates thousands of devices irrespective of the brand. Let’s take the case of healthcare. We have recently launched LifeOnMD, a solution that allows healthcare providers to treat around 12 different diseases in a completely remote environment. For instance, in the case of a diabetic patient, it’s imperative that doctors monitor vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, sugar level, and sleeping pattern. We have developed a kit – a suit of hardware modules that connect directly to LifeOn platform. The devices will not only track the vitals, but also automatically synchronize the data with the respective doctor.

Technologies today are dime a dozen; what you make of them to make a better life for humans is what sets you apart

With the healthcare needs like diabetes management, elderly care, pain management, and infectious disease management, the patient can remotely connect with the doctor, who has access to not just your medical records & visual telepresence, but also has access to your live vitals, room ambience and other crucial information churned out by the integrated devices over the past days, weeks, & months and thus will be able to provide more effective and accurate advice. It facilitates the doctors as well as staff to work from home and still provide excellent healthcare services to the patients. We have recently launched this solution in the US, helping people fight the unprecedented environment created by the pandemic.

LifeOnMD was recently awarded as the ‘IoT - Health and Wellness Innovation National Award – 2020’ by World congress.

Tell us about your solutions such as iROfficeMD and LifeOn Enterprise Access Management solutions. What should we expect from these solutions?
iROfficeMD enables practices and clinics to easily migrate mortar and brick clinics to remote clinic/ physician office environments within days, while utilizing the existing systems and telephone numbers, fax numbers, and EMR, which is a huge benefit to have as far as patient relations are concerned. It also enables monitoring of remote staff and in turn offers flexibility to match the current office processes. In addition to optimizing scheduling processes with limited staff or in some cases without any staff, iROfficeMD also supports multiple touch points with patients, while supporting social distancing of staff and patients.

LifeOn Enterprise Access Management, our access control device, is available in three variants: LifeOn Access Pro, LifeOn Access Plus, and LifeOn Access – AI. LifeOn Access Pro comes with unique features like multi-modal entry, including NFC card, number & App based access, and strike lock for glass, wood, and steel. The device only takes an RJ45 cable and an internet connection to set up. When it comes to LifeOn Access Plus, along with all the features of Pro, the system includes Chatbot integration. On the other hand, LifeOn Access – AI’s key features include Access device integration, Hot-desking, Short-desk reminder, and Roster management among others.

We have also launched LifeOn-based solutions across the segments like Home & Office Automation, (physical)

Security, Automotive, and Retail & Warehousing, in addition to Healthcare. Using IoT as an enabler and powered by LifeOn, we develop solutions to automate various processes across the industries as well as solving challenges in our daily life – be it anything from as simple as enabling automated cleaning request systems in public restrooms to automating the whole processes of a warehouse.

Is there any particular implementation story that comes to mind when I say customer success? Could you describe one such story?
There are many success stories that come to mind. IT and IoT solutions are our bread and butter. The segment calls for a high level of customer experience and support. Of late, the internet connection of one of our clients, a clinic provider in the US, had gone down at around 7:30 AM, which means that they won't be able to access patient records in the morning and basically, they won’t be able to function the whole day! But we have deployed an IoT-based automatic alert system to specifically deal with such predicaments. Hence, we got notified immediately through this system, were able to get the ticket locked with the ISP, and also set up an alternate bandwidth – everything in real time. We saved their day and it means a lot to a standalone clinic.

Another one of the recent deployment stories is pertaining to the pandemic itself. The rapid spread of covid-19 forced our clients to move into a complete work-from-home environment in shut-eye time without compromising the business processes and outcome. We were one of the first companies to transform as a solution provider to make this possible for our clients. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to help a large number of organizations survive the pandemic.

What are the opportunities that you foresee in the industry?
We recognize the huge potential of the insurance as well as healthcare segment. For instance, there is a huge scope for insurance providers to offer incentive programs based on IoT-based solutions like Fitbit. They could offer discounts in premium based on the calories burnt or distance covered in a day. In addition, the vehicle insurance providers could request owners to install an IoT based device to track the way a vehicle is driven, and provide incentives for good driving records. This will be a win-win for both the company and its customers. It’s an interesting fact that the technology is already available and we just need to connect the dots. We also see a huge potential for Chatbots in the enterprise arena epitomized by our in-house itself.

How do you plan to align your company’s future growth map with respect to such interesting opportunities?
The first plan was obviously to survive the pandemic and the good news is that we have survived it. We used the same tools that we sell to our customers to survive the pandemic.

Our passionate team takes all the credit. They add value to our deliverables, and ensure that our products are recognized from the competition. We always believe that our growth is dependent on the growth of our people and customers. Today, there is a constant need to make offerings more palatable to our customers with respect to the dynamic needs of the market. We also strive to create a lot of awareness in terms of helping companies to recognize their real pain points and the technologies that will adjoin value to their business.

The engaging chat came to an end as Alok, who had just arrived from the award function, couldn’t wait to meet his team and share the moment with them. He gives the whole credit to the team. The happy sight of him being with his team, however, justifies the success of the company!

Awards & Recognition:
•Best AI Platform - LifeOn - 2020
• Best Employer Brand in India – 2020
• Business Leader of the Year – 2020
• Asian Cybersecurity Leadership awards (Dubai) – 2019
• Industry Stars excellence awards (India) – 2019
• AI’s Global Excellence Awards (New York) – 2019
• 25 Most Trusted IoT Companies in India – 2019

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Globus Eight: A B2B AI-Powered IoT Platform That Allows You To Connect Any IoT Device