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NTT Data Service: The Silver Lining in the Data Severe Healthcare Domain

Jill Lee ,President

Jill Lee


With its potential to revolutionize diagnostics and personalized medicine, artificial intelligence has raced its way to the top of the healthcare IT trend list. Advances in technology integration are poised to radically change the healthcare market by creating greater access to the data. This will increase the use of artificial intelligence, advanced analytics and automation to improve care, lower costs and make healthcare more convenient. While we’re at it, one should know that by the end of 2020 (as per a leading market research report), 25 percent of data used in medical care will be collected and shared with healthcare systems by the patients themselves - a true case of ‘bring your own data.’ Patients are becoming true partners with their care managers and providers, with technology enabling them to measure, collect and share relevant data with the healthcare system. This personalized patient-generated data is vital for clinicians who want to keep patients engaged to ensure continuity of care. Amidst this shift in data trends, Plano, Texas headquartered NTT Data Services is actively supporting healthcare organizations’ work to provide more personalized, patient-centric care in several realms, from systems integration to make data sharing easier, analytics to provide insights and more precise patient treatments, to tools for streamlining patient communication and improving the patient experience.

Ever since its inception in the late 60s, NTT DATA has worked and helped healthcare systems, health plans and pharma companies to integrate and digitize this very paper-intense business. With clients having held hands

for more than 20 years, NTT Data has operated around HIPAA and Obama Care, together, and has grasped opportunities to apply innovative solutions to acute and chronic challenges.

" NTT Data Services Is Actively Supporting Healthcare Organizations’ Work To Provide More Personalized, Patient-Centric Care In Several Realms"

NTT’s latest partnership with InTouch Health is in line with the objective to streamline the adoption of telehealth services across the industry. NTT Data Services’ systems integration capabilities, combined with their telehealth technology and expertise, will give healthcare organizations a robust solution for adopting telehealth that allows data from existing systems and telehealth visits to be easily shared. This in turn, will give physicians providing telehealth services access to the patient’s ongoing medical records while giving the patient’s other physicians, access to the telehealth visit data.

The data management expert is also actively making efforts to improve the patient experience in healthcare with their in-house solution called Customer Friction Factor Assessment. This is a proactive, forward-looking assessment that quantifies the patient experience from the patient’s point of view and helps identify root causes of the friction that degrades patient trust and satisfaction. Compared to the history data based surveys or other measurement tools, this solution has claimed far more effective results for improving the patient experience.

Deeply Embedded Data Analytics Capabilities
Having mentioned 'patient experience', NTT Data’s analytics platform is designed and developed to assist health systems understand and stratify patient risk, and dig insights that lead to more precise and effective care. Particularly, the company’s imaging analytics platform can scan new or existing diagnostic images to identify signs of undiagnosed illness, allowing providers to intervene much earlier in the disease process.

NTT Data’s partnership with Mark Logic,

has enabled to implement a data lake alternative to traditional relational databases for warehousing data. This approach pools data in a simple platform and uses advanced search capabilities to retrieve the data. While being quick and less expensive to set up, the approach facilitates the rapid acquisition of data for analytics.

An often neglected challenge in health systems is associated with the new payment models’ in-capability to accurately assess the risks in a value-based contract. Determining favorability of the terms offered also pose an obstacle. NTT Data’s analytics platform uses clinical claims and socioeconomic data to evaluate the financial risks of a value-based contract. Thus, health systems stand in a better position to make better decisions about whether to accept a contract, negotiate better terms or walk away all together.

“We are working with industry partners to create pathways to AI and advanced analytics that create actionable insights faster from platforms that are more affordable and more user-friendly. We have worked extensively with Bay State Health to develop their analytic capabilities for population health improvement, including new systems for telehealth visits”, informs Jill Lee, President- Provider, Healthcare & Life Sciences at NTT Data Services. Having collaborated for several innovative projects with Bay State Health, NTT Data Services has also partnered with Bay State’s TechSpring Innovation Center to pioneer the use of Praxify at Bay State. This new tool battles the 'click fatigue' that plagues physicians’ interactions with the EHR and leads astray from patient care. The tool serves as a simpler, more streamlined interface that allows the physicians to find germane data swiftly and file relevant clinical data while continuing to interact with their patient.

With such innovatively productive partnerships, assisted by products and services, NTT Data Services shows promises to bring the best innovations to healthcare, triggering improvements in patient outcomes, lower costs and more personal & effective healthcare. “We will help our clients make the leap to a digital, data-driven environment focused on personalized care that empowers patients”, concludes Lee.

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