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IGS India: A Niche Solution-based Quality Engineering Company

Mahesh Channabasappa,<br> Technology Excellence Leader<br> Naveen Belavadi Nagaraja,<br> CEO<br>Nitin Mittal, <br>VP of Sales & Marcom,

IGS India is one of the fastest flourishing Quality Engineering Companies in Bangalore with a team of 350+ Passionate Career Quality Professionals. With its Distinct Engagement models that are Capacity-Driven, Outcome Driven and Output Driven, IGS has carved a niche for itself in the global market including prominent SI partners in the United States and Southeast Asia. Naveen Belavadi Nagaraja, CEO adds “We are known for Solution based delivery of Quality Engineering Services that drive value to customers by addressing the structural cost of quality and injecting predictability of ROI”.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, Naveen Belavadi Nagaraja enlightens us more about IGS India and its unique positioning in the market.

Give a brief account of IGS'journey.
My background has been primarily in quality engineering and spans more than 20 years in the industry. Working with leading organizations like HP, EDS and RelQ and through leading many global automation initiatives for industrialized delivery systems, it was always my dream to build a quality focused, independent validation and verification company with like-minded professionals who are focused on solution-based delivery for global customers. This is a differentiator in today's world where many aggregators in the quality space approach it very differently. More so than being boutique about addressing the difficulties for the end client, they sell services in terms of quality through their products. Therefore, I presented the vision for IGS in a totally different way, where we concentrated on the challenges of our clients at various levels. This was done in conjunction with my business partners, promoters and distinguished Board of Directors with whom we have shared the cabinetry for more than 20 years. Since 2018, we've been on a quest to tackle quality from two perspectives: cost of quality and return on investment. We wanted to present a practical approach to quality, with a focus on ROI and how they can optimize

structural costs associated with quality and we become their safe pair of hands towards mitigating operational risks.

What are the strides IGS has taken since its inception?
We were a young and dedicated team of 11 when we established IGS five years ago, with a focus on engineering quality. Since then, we have been consistently evolving our client base as well as our solutions. We've evolved from a boutique quality engineering firm to a solution based quality engineering firm. We now employ over 350 employees and have excellent retention. We have expanded our service range to include end-to-end quality engineering services. Today, IGS has strong industry-related experience in Quality Engineering by virtue of having Subject Matter Experts in, Media and Entertainment (OTT, Short Video Platforms, and Gaming), Banking Services(Online and Mobile Banking), FinTech(Digital Banks), Insurance, Health-tech Remote patient monitoring Systems, Remote Consultation platforms, and Clinical Trial Platforms, Telco, Edtech, Airlines, and Airports.

Tell us about your services portfolio and the unique propositions offered through them.
IGS has a strong portfolio of Quality Engineering Services including Consulting and Advisory, Functional Testing Services, Test Automation Services, Performance Testing Services, Application Security Testing Services Vulnerability assessments, and Penetration Testing (SAST and DAST) for Web, mobile and Connected Devices, as well as Specialized Services including Digital Quality Engineering, Quality Engineering for OTT and Short Video platforms, Implementation of Automated Quality pipelines for DevOps and DevSecOps, AdTech Quality Engineering, Quality Engineering for User Journey Analytics, Customer Experience Validation Services, Database, and ETL Validations, Crowd Testing Services for Global Audience Acceptance, PCI-DSS Compliance Validation (Security Testing), GDPR Compliance Validation(Security Testing), Cloud Security testing (Security Testing), Cyber Security Testing, Threat Modeling Services (Security Testing) and Validation of Cryptography Solutions(Security Testing).

Further, IGS Smart Solutions include- Unified Test Automation Framework with Self-Healing Capabilities, Low Code Test Automation Solution ­Intuitive Framework for business users to build automated User Journey Validations with a simple Microsoft XL interface, Web services and API Monitoring Solutions API Availability and Monitoring Solution & New Content Ingestion Validation Dashboard for OTT and Short Video platforms, Smart Connected Digital Assurance Lab with

Remote access capabilities­ 300+ Device inventory, 5+ Network modes,16+ Platforms, Knowledge Management Framework ­ IGS KStack for OTT and BFSI domains, Smart custom tool sets to support scientific estimations of Test Effort Test Case Feasibility for Automation and to measure the maturity of Quality Function in an enterprise or a Tech Setup, Plug'N play Program Governance Dashboards, and Test Viz ­ Visual Data Insights playground to measure, track and monitor the Health of Software release by aggregating results of Test Automation runs.

What are the aspects taken care of through your security testing?
Specifically, from a security point of view, this is a service portfolio that we picked up three years ago, and we are now entrenched in strong capabilities and the ideal partner for security application security services, whether it is vulnerability analysis or penetration testing scopes. We've received excellent feedback from clients and endorsements for how we've been able to take a proactive approach to quality, which is quite similar to what we do for our other scopes. We have adopted a comprehensive approach to security, not just by delivering application security testing but also by undertaking threat modeling for our customers. This is a strong portfolio, which is why more and more customers are appreciating our security testing services because we take a preventive as well as a prescriptive approach. Tool-based scans are used in the prescriptive method. But, in addition to tool-based scans, we have ethical hackers who exploit the app. And it's a key component of the value we provide to our clients.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for IGS? Where is it headed for the next five years?
As an organization, our vision is pretty clear: we want to evolve into a QaaS, or 'Quality-As-A-Service', delivery platform for our customers(RPA solution for Software Quality). IGS Security Testing Services and Solutions Roadmap With the advent of digital banks and the growing acceptability of cryptocurrency trading, IGS is focusing its efforts on gaining expertise and developing a scalable practice to evolve Holistic Security Testing Solutions for the global banking community. IoT, Crypto, NFT, and Blockchain use cases are emerging, providing an intriguing sandbox for IGS to explore. All of these use cases revolve around security and have Multi Billion Dollar Market opportunities. Immersive tech and Metaverse pose a unique opportunity for IGS to engage in Security aspects. Identity Theft and Ransomware manifestation for these techs are boundless and just the right areas for us to invest in the next three years.

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