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IITPL: Bridging Gaps Between SMEs And Trending Technologies

Satish M Agadi,Founder & Director

Satish M Agadi

Founder & Director

It’s a bitter fact that SMEs in India have inadequate access to the latest available technologies which possess a great struggle for their improvement in the digital era. To top it off, the ongoing pandemic has added more woes to this situation, which has left them crippled to even pick up their pace. In such instances, companies which are specialized in helping SMEs leverage state-of-the-art technologies and develop solutions integrated with trendy innovations, are a real boon to boosting the sectors as well as the national economy. In this respect, IT solutions provider; IITPL commitments to the SME is quite appreciable. The company even comprises a dedicated intellectual division, where its expert team studies, experiments and helps SMEs to apply the bleeding edge technologies. Through Satish M Agadi, CIO Insider embarks on IITPL’s journey, exploring the company’s mission and functions.

In a conversation with Satish M Agadi, Founder Director, IITPL Pvt. Ltd (hereinafter called IITPL)

What is the kind of role played by IITPL in the IT ser vices market? What matters you the most while delivering ser vices?
While many large companies are financially able to acquire latest in technology and hire specialty talents like CIOs, CTOs, CSOs etc., the same is not the case with the SME sector. Not only do they lack timely intel on the latest technologies, but also they fall short of the financial muscle to acquire those technologies. This leaves a grim gap, and our objective is to bridge that gap by helping them acquire the latest technologies in an affordable way. Therefore, we specially deliver a comprehensive range of services to SME’s sectors as an IT infrastructure, data protection, and support solutions provider. Irrespective of the Indian SME sector’s growth, we genuinely like to help bring-in business continuity to the SMEs using technology, and hence for us, all that matters is to support & secure as many SMEs as possible.

Could you provide a brief description regarding your portfolio of solutions?
As we are partnered with premium IT product brands, we first try to mix and match those technologies and dish out a solution. IITPL help connect organisations with or without multiple branches through local or wide area network to have seamless network connection, which has become all the more relevant, now that a lot of companies have adapted to work-from-home models. When we create a secured work-from-home environment, it also includes complete IT infrastructure security solutions.

Great intention to help Indian SMEs with superior & secured it structures is the path IITPL is treading!!

Since the SME sectors have been subject to increasing & different variants of attacks on their data & servers for over the years, now more so during the pandemic, IITPL is determined to help secure their data as well as their infrastructure and build business continuity technology solutions. Additionally, we also help organizations acquire software compliances & then up keep their entire IT structures through AMCs & FMS (Facility Management Services). Assessing individual organisation’s technology set up needs; building tech solutions as private cloud or public clouds is another benefit SME organisations get with IITPL without having recruiting CIOs, CTOs etc.

What is your USP and how do you incorporate trending technologies while building new ecosystems to your clients?
Actually, we begin by understanding the painpoints of our clients, and then help them attain business continuity technology which will then be followed by providing tech support system. IITPL is characterised by USPs like IT knowledge, over 5.3L man-hours of building IT Infra & data security experience and then the integrity based intention to truly help the SME sector. IITPL also has separate division dedicated to new technology studies; the teams, one of which focuses on the reading, discussion and testing of the new technology, while the other focuses on its use and deployment. Ultimate goal turns out that the SME companies of India benefit with the implementation of the best in technology economically. Vendors also participate in the process

at times. Not many Indian companies have such a set-up, so that’s also one of IITPL’s USPs.

Tell us about the impact of your inter vention in the SME sector, with a case study if possible.
One example is; JK Enterprises wanted 11 multi- user Tally licenses one each for its 11 branches. However, IITPL built them a technology solution with 1 Tally multiuser license along with a Propalms technology that made them use Tally from all other locations. Two problems were solved with this; their daily data sync was not required anymore as the users could work on Tally server virtually directly & securely into their HO. Secondly the data centralisation issue disappeared; so management could get real time data anytime.

Top is up; they saved 70% one-time cost and 90% year on year subscription renewal cost. This is a simple example of how IITPL is adding value to Indian SMEs. Currently IITPL is been building diverse tech solutions for many SMEs economically especially in IT Infra & Data Network security space. Similar was the case of Victor Imports that encountered problems of data duplications, threat of data leak, and multiple resource deployments for bringing real time data. IITPL built a technology, enabling them to use tally from remote locations seamlessly in a secured environment. Not only did this bring down their investment cost but made them have secured centralised & real time data accessible from anywhere anytime.

What is the future roadmap of IITPL?
According to the IDC survey, a much bigger chunk of SMEs have faced cyberattacks in the last year which also has had multiplied implications compared to the previous years. It’s true that the cyberattacks are only increasing while attackers are becoming blood thirsty for data. SMEs in India need secured IT infrastructures and most importantly Business Continuity technology solutions and that’s exactly what IITPL has taken up as its cause.

If it took us around three years to serve around 400 SME companies, we supported around 550 clients in the last year alone. As our goal has always been to help the SME sectors with robust IT Infra & business continuity solutions, we aim to reach out to as many of them as possible & help them acquire cutting-edge business continuity technologies. Over the years, we have supported more than a thousand SMEs and we hope that in the next two years, we will expand our aid to around 10,000 SMEs.

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