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Infisolve: Partnering with Life Science Industry to Ensure Technology Requirements are Scaled up to Meet Business Objectives

Milind Malshe,  Founder & CEO

Milind Malshe

Founder & CEO

In the past few years, Indian SaaS companies have not only caught up with their global counterparts but have also showcased the potential to surpass them and become trendsetters in this space. Nearly 7-10 percent of the global SaaS market is projected to come from the Indian SaaS market. SaaS sales in India are already experiencing an annual growth of 20 percent with the rising adoption of SAAS solutions by Indian SMBs and businesses across sectors, as well as robust development from foreign markets. Infisolve a leading SaaS provider also plays a huge role in the development of this sector.

Infisolve is a SaaS service providing company with headquarters in Pune. It was established with the intention of collaborating with the life science sector to make sure that technological requirements are scaled up to achieve business goals, with a goal of developing a commercial data ecosystem. To give you the best tools, platforms, and systems, the Infisolve team has a lot of expertise working with OEMs and open source technologies as well as channel partners who provide CRM and commercial data. They offer their customers a stable, scalable, and flexible ecosystem that is vendor agnostic. The goal of Infisolve is to provide all this in the most costeffective way.

Do check these snippets from our interaction with Milind Malshe, Founder & CEO to know more about Infisolve and how it transforming the sector with its innovative services.

Give us a quick overview of Infisolve's position as an Indian provider of open source SaaS solutions.
The primary reason Infisolve was established was to meet the country's pharmaceutical industry's technological requirements. A sizable portion of their resources is allocated to sales and marketing because there is great rivalry for a prescription generation. Their low IT budget only covers their very minimum requirements for the sales

distribution, internal CRM tools, and platform services. Infisolve’s role has been to build value added services for the sales and marketing teams. To provide these services at an optimum price point, it is important to build solutions in open source technologies.

BizIntel offers around 80 intelligent dash boards and 6 adhoc reports that give great insights into business from every role’s perspective

Tell us about the product portfolio and what is the kind of customer experience delivered through your offerings. What is the kind of technology framework built within these offerings?
Infisolve currently offers four platform solutions to our clients. Our product BizIntel is a Business Intelligence platform for everyone in the sales and marketing team. We Call This is an e-detailing platform for video calls and e-detailing to Physicians. Jumpinar, offers the endusers of our clients an immersive webinar experience. Unlike webinars that are unidirectional, our platform offers surveys, polls, and quizzes to the participants thereby making it more interactive. Last but not least is Scheme Management System (SMS). SMS is a workflow management tool for managing stockist schemes for client products. As an added advantage, deeper analytics is possible on the use fulness of each scheme, its penetration to the retail level, and the profitability of the product and the territories.

Our preferred technology stack is Python/ Flask/ HTML/CSS. The data sets in the pharm domain are not as large as in the financial domain, we prefer to use MySQL / Mongo DB for our client’s requirements.

What impacts Infisolve services are creating?
The setup and implementation of Infisolve solutions services are both quick. Scalability and security are features of our services that come from cloud computing. We take advantage of the cloud's capabilities to provide quick and engaging user experiences. Each of our value added services is affordable for our clients. There is no requirement for an upfront payment, or infrastructure investment, or even license costs. For the initiatives we carried out, our customer got two awards in 2021 one from IHW and another from CII.

Could you highlight the difference brought by BizIntel in the commercialization department for your clients’ companies?
BizIntel offers around 80intelligent dash boards and 6 adhoc reports that give great insights into business from every role’s perspective. It provides current measures, which are valued for their currency. For each of our clients, BizIntel has identified crucial challenges in their individual territories and has offered useful intelligence for prompt resolution. The complete sales and marketing team can examine them "On the Go" because the solution is accessible on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. The fact that the historical and current state of the firm is so readily accessible on the dashboards has even helped in the speedy onboarding of new employees.

How does WeCall enhance the quality of interaction between the HCP and sales personnel?
We Call is an additional digital channel of communication with customers. It offers one on one e-detailing video calls with the Physician, when the Physician has time out of his/her busy schedule and when not necessarily in the clinic (unlike CRM tool). A dedicated video call is found to be much better than the 10-second brand reminder call that happens in Clinic. We Call has proven to be of much use when sales representatives leave the organization and Physicians cannot be met in person. It is useful during product launches when the Physicians have to be approached via an additional channel. We Call has the ability to become an additional channel for every digital strategy of the brand.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Infisolve? Where is it headed for the next five years?
Pharma marketing will be phygital in the future. Infisolve sees itself as a key partner to offer the Indian pharmaceutical businesses, entire commercial IT ecosystem in addition to platform services. Infisolve will build commercial data management platforms for our clients. With strong domain and IT backgrounds we plan to integrate data from all digital touchpoints, including mobile apps, websites, webinars, CRM, syndicated data, campaign data, primary research, social media, online pharmacies, and EMR devices. Our objective is to transform the current motley IT landscape of the companies to a robust tightly integrated IT ecosystem, with strong data governance. Only then will our clients be able to develop more focused phygital strategies and benefit from the journey of digital transformation.

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