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Infusai Global Solutions: A Boutique Microsoft Partner Adding Exceptional Business Value

Ashish Gupta & Manoj Dani,Partners

Despite the largest consulting firms offering enterprise-grade business solutions in abundance, there still is demand for one-stop-shop providers who can deliver the same level of quality in a requirement-centric manner, affordably. This embraces the story of Infusai Global Solutions Pvt Ltd – an end-to-end Microsoft Business and platform solutions/services provider. A boutique Microsoft partner for MS Dynamics 365 customer engagement, Power Apps, Finance & Operations, and NAV/ Business Central, Infusai was founded by a team of business application experts who boast more than 15+ years of experience in this space and have been a key pillar in creating successful business solutions over the past several years. Under their aegis, the company today exists as a strong team with combined experience of more than 200+ man years. We engage in an exclusive interaction with Ashish Gupta and Manoj Dani, the partners who spearhead its operations, to explore the company’s latest endeavors.

In conversation with Ashish Gupta and Manoj Dani, Partners, Infusai Global Solutions

Microsoft has more than 64,000 cloud partners, is the largest ecosystem in the country. Where is Infusai positioned in the industry amidst this vast ecosystem?
Thanks to our laser focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Apps, we have created our own niche as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Using Dynamics & Power Apps, we develop requirement centric, enterprise-grade business solutions for our customers that can automate their business processes across functions and a wide range of industry verticals.

Despite the largest consulting firms in the industry offering these services, there still is a huge demand gap.

Organizations, especially SMBs, are looking for the same level of quality out of a boutique firm. We fill this gap by existing as a boutique consulting firm, and adding value by infusing our solutions with a lot of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning components on top of the traditional Dynamics 365 & Power Apps. We leverage a lot of Azure cognitive capabilities as well. That’s how we ensure that our proposition is unique - by offering them consulting with the backup of all these additional tech-capabilities.

Organizations always need to get it right the first time. How do you ensure that you understand the precise pain points of your clients and your solutions specifically address such pain areas?

Be it anything from reengineering to CRM and ERP deployments, we interview the top management and ensure that our approach is ideally aligned with their business objectives and vision

Every customer is different and so are their problems. We study about each one of them at the beginning of the relationship itself and have quite an elaborated assessment model. We indeed offer this diagnostic service free of cost. Be it anything from re-engineering to CRM and ERP deployments, we interview the top management and ensure that our approach is ideally aligned with their business objectives and vision. We also document the top five objectives that they want to achieve through the project. Subsequently, we also engage in discussions with the employees who are actually going to use the system which in truth augment the plans to improve productivity. Thus, we make sure that we are all on the same page while going into the solutioning phase. Then again, we do conference room pilots and prototypes before finalizing the solution, leaving enough room for setting the right frequency for the solution.

Is there any specific, challenging client-story that comes to mind when we talk about this sort of detailed solutioning approach?

We are working with one of the leading insurance companies in the country. They were previously facing drastic challenges in terms of their time-to-market and product roll out delays. While facing a market with dynamic behavior, their legacy system structure was causing around two months of delay in new product roll out. For instance, the health insurance companies in the country were recently handed a mandate by IRDA to cover covid-19, propelling them to create a product around it. A two-month delay would be catastrophic in this scenario. In our solution, we created a unique product configurator for them using Dynamic 365 which brought their time-to-market from two months to just five days. It has already saved and will continue saving a lot of costs for them.

Manoj Dani, Partner

Going forward, what are the opportunities that you foresee?
We will be extensively focusing on Insurance, Banking, and Manufacturing sectors. It’s true that the manufacturing industry is in distress, but it’s also the time when they are looking for alternate sales opportunities online. There are a lot of B2B commerce channels that are coming in. In the insurance segment as well, the companies are looking for alternate avenues to sell their products through online/audiovisual channels that call for a highly secured environment. We see a lot of opportunities in this area. Our investments are largely focused on this new era of modern sales.

What are your future plans?
We are building a unique product based on the need for bringing down the overall time-to-market of products and building a modern sales infrastructure. Leveraging our experience of working with multifarious organizations in the industry verticals that we focus on, we are set to launch a plug & play product that will free organizations from a set of mundane processes while setting up their sales channels.

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