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Intellinet Datasys: Pioneering Innovative Solutions for a Connected World

 Milind Patil,  CTO

Specialized in the design and development of Real-Time Data Systems, Intellinet Datasys is a prominent firm established in 2013. Over the past decade, Intellinet Datasys along with its affiliated companies, has significantly broadened its scope into areas such as IoT, GIS, and AI solutions to complement its core Real-Time Data portfolio. The firm’s contributions in this field have gained notable recognition from respected institutions and publications such as IoT Innovation, Dataquest, Mobility Maven, IDC Insight, and Infosec Maestro for its innovative products and service capabilities. Intellinet consistently prioritize customer Return on Investment (RoI) and aim to address their specific challenges through cost-effective innovation.

In a recent interaction with CIO Insider, Milind Patil, CTO, Intellinet Datasys shares more about the firm. Let’s hear from him.

In the realm of agriculture, what are the primary products and offerings provided to farmers and clients, and what advantages do they offer?
Intellinet extends a comprehensive array of technological solutions, encompassing GIS (geographic information system) in collaboration with ISRO, Remote Sensing, and applications pertaining to Agriculture IoT (Internet of Things). These offerings are designed to enhance the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of agriculture departments and industries. Notably, we have a substantial presence in the Sugar Industry and are recognized for pioneering location-based services primarily aimed at private sector participants.

Building on the momentum we've generated, we now extend Crop Monitoring and Precision Agriculture

solutions to large land owners, agricultural enterprises, and government departments. GIS enables the creation of farm and field maps, displaying crucial information such as soil composition, terrain features, and irrigation systems. This data empowers informed decisions concerning crop selection, planting, and irrigation. IoT sensors are employed to gather field data, including soil moisture, temperature, and crop health metrics.

Edge IoT technology has become our forte & we continue to grow our team & client base in that domain

Additionally, we have developed dedicated applications for farmers and officials to capture data and facilitate communication with stakeholders, while a knowledge database serves as valuable support on the backend.

Could you provide insights into the customer experience, along with a case study illustrating how one of your solutions brought about positive changes?
One notable case involves a major sugar factory located in Maharashtra, which encountered several challenges, including low productivity, high costs, and poor sugar quality. They implemented Intellinet's GIS and IoT solutions, known as RAPID, for farm mapping and monitoring. These solutions helped identify ideal areas for sugarcane growth, optimize irrigation, monitor crop development, and detect potential issues. Consequently the factory increased productivity by 8 percent, reduced costs by 3 percent and improved sugar quality.

Intellinet is also collaborating with a state agriculture department for PoC for real time monitoring of export-certified crops such as Grapes, Pomegranate, Figs, and Sitaphal, eventually covering around 5000 hectares of farming area in second phase. Additionally, the company is working with a District level Irrigation department, conducting asset mapping for over 2,000 small water bodies, canals, and bunds. Their solution assists in monitoring water leakage, storage status, flood lines, and encroachments.

Can you explain how your team is structured and how you cultivate an innovative learning culture to harness the latest technologies for creating sustainable solutions and addressing the challenges faced by farmers?
Our journey began with the design and development of GPS trackers for hardware. As we expanded, our focus shifted toward gathering real-time data using a variety of sensors to tackle a broad range of challenges in diverse industries, including automotive, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and supply chain management. Edge IoT technology has become our forte, and we continue to grow our team and client base in that domain. Currently, our hardware solutions are driven by Edge IoT devices and sensors, while our INTELLIVE IoT platform offers APIs for seamless integration with various other applications.

In the context of the agricultural sector, our initial foray into the Sugar Industry was pivotal, providing us with essential insights and impetus to venture deeper into Smart Agriculture solutions. We predominantly work within the B2B segment, closely collaborating within the agricultural vendor ecosystem to reach a broader clientele. Our present team is adept at managing both on-field and offsite aspects of precision agriculture, evolving our solutions through on-site experiences. This approach enables us to continually enhance and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of agricultural technology.

What is the envisioned future path for Intellinet Datasys over the next five years?
Our primary focus is on expanding our presence in the agriculture sector by leveraging cutting-edge technologies, with an unwavering commitment to assisting farmers in enhancing their productivity and profitability. The company's GIS and IoT-based solutions stand as powerful tools that empower farmers to make informed decisions regarding crop selection, planting, irrigation, and fertilization. Our innovative strides in this direction will be driven by GIS-based Farm Mapping and Management, Precision Agriculture solutions employing GPS and GIS to guide farm equipment like tractors and harvesters, as well as IoT based Crop monitoring and Irrigation. We aspire to bring about meaningful change through our cost-effective and user-friendly technological offerings.

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