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Castaliaz Technologies: Transform Businesses with Unconventional Thinking and Innovative Approach


As an IT company with passion for customer satisfaction, Castaliáz Technologies intend to delight their customers by addressing their issues and thus inspire their business to do well. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Castaliáz caters customers with solutions & services in the areas of business consulting, technology and business process outsourcing, with the finest team and associating with best-of-breed business partners, in a fair & transparent environment. From the firm’s perspective, the director of Castaliaz gives us insights on how the technology & solutions offered by them, help them stay ahead in the competition.

In conversation with Ivan Noronhna, Director and Co-Founder, Castaliáz Technologies

An intact IT support gives the potential for businesses to stay competitive and effective in the market. How does Castaliaz Technologies deliver its services to organizations that require IT support?
As an IT service provider, Castaliaz Technologies provides ERP, mainly SAP services and products to our customers. We implement our product in the backend system that caters to the company according to their requirements. Within these products there are multiple kinds of services, one is the acquisition where we go and implement the system. Second is providing application management support in which we provide service for a period of time like one year or 3 years or 5 years depending upon the kind of contracts we have with our customer. Further, we offer business process optimization to the customers who already implemented SAP but not satisfied with the way the systems are running. We do business process optimization also for our customers. Additionally, there are certain projects where we do migration which is to convert older versions into the new version. There is an analytical project

too which is part of our portfolio.

Moreover, from the customer point of view, customers always need a partner who can always understand the business profits and guide them what is the best business practice one can use throughout the industry. We not only aim to solve their problem as per their idea but also to suggest them to practice better one which will bring productivity to their company. This helps us to stand out in front of the competition because we are not only nodding our heads and doing whatever the customer says but giving consultation to customer to make them understand that we are giving good inputs to make sure the system and processes are more simplified rather than making it complex.

We offer business process optimization to the customers who already implemented SAP but not satisfied with the way the systems are running

There are various situations in which companies find it risky to outsource IT services. In what ways Castaliaz Technology addresses the issues pertaining to IT support outsourcing?
I believe in current situation outsourcing IT operations is no longer considered risky, in fact, there are a lot of companies who are benefiting from outsourcing IT support excellence partners mainly because there is a lot of issues in term of on-boarding good talent. Hiring a good talent itself takes a lot of time and cost. Secondly to retain talent in another important factor and from the IT Company's point of view, the companies whose sole business is into manufacturing or service orientated products for retails where they have to focus more the business rather than

look at people in terms managing their IT operations. In such cases, it makes sense for them to go for outsourcing kind of engagement where a partner manages the company's IT and also manages the company's TRP.

Share a success story about one of your implementations that have earned reputation for the company?
Recently we completed one implementation in the month of March 2019 which is for the pharmaceutical company based out of Goa. The client wanted to implement SAP services in their systems because as per the norms of any pharma company the computer system must have validation control segregation of duties and process efficiency. We helped them to achieve these key objectives within 150 days. After the successful implementation, the customer was shortlisted and also awarded the SAP award for 2019 under the category running the real-time live enterprise.

Ivan Noronha,Director

What is the future roadmap of the company in the years ahead?
From a future perspective, we have to convert the investment into technology to survive in the market. We intend to grow by 150 to 175 percent in terms of revenue in the next 3 years. Currently, we have also planned to set up delivery centers in Pune, Delhi and Hyderabad mainly to cater customers in those areas and overall we are focusing on the domestic as well as Middle East market.

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