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Kagool: Cross Industry Expertise in Managing Enterprise Data

Dan Barlow,SAP Delivery Director

Dan Barlow

SAP Delivery Director

In any organization, data is the main foundation of all information and knowledge – ultimately providing the wisdom to allow for sleeker, more accurate decision making and actionable initiatives. If the data is relevant, complete, accurate, timely, consistent and meaningful, it’s usable, and helpful in the fundamental growth opportunities of the organization.

Practicing the disciplines associated with business strategy, combined with best practice for protection, control, delivery and the enhancement of the quality of the data and information in the organization are quintessential data management strategies a business should adhere to for their data to work for them. This is easier said than done, and the best option is often to bring in external specialist expertise.

A global firm, Kagool (based out of London with an Indian office in Hyderabad) provides data management solutions and SAP delivery expertise across all industry verticals. Being experts in data management, including SAP and non-SAP landscapes, they tailor effective solutions for data migration, integration, governance, quality and Master Data Management over and above providing normal functional delivery services. By leveraging technology with best practice, their clients are able to effectively manage, control and utilize all aspects of the information they hold. Recently launched additions to their service portfolio include Oracle Cloud Solution Delivery, Oracle Cloud Managed Services, Full SAP SI Partner Delivery, ABAP Factory, Basis Factory and Functional Service Delivery.

“The vast data matrix remains largely untouched, so making sense of these data sets is a large task; it requires experienced data management professionals to develop and nurture a strategy, and architect a comprehensive solution. Master data integrity is critical

for cross functional processes to operate in a predictable way. Kagool's Data Integrity Manager is a cloud-based solution that plugs into BAU landscapes and profiles the master data sets ensuring complex landscapes,with separate systems for master data authoring and consumption, are streamlined. This minimizes the transactional failures due to master data issues to the greatest extent.”

"Kagool has created a ‘Wrapper Framework’ that automates and streamlines the data delivery process"

SAP Delivery Expertise
SAP Data Services is a powerful tool for managing data across enterprise IT estates, SAP and non-SAP supporting Data Migration and Integration Batch and online web service capabilities. It allows users to develop and execute workflows that take data from predefined sources (data stores- applications, web services, flat-files, databases, etc.) and then allows the user to combine, transform, and refine that data, and then output the results back to the same, or different, data stores depending on the requirement. Out of the box, it is simply a coding CASE tool.

Kagool has created a 'wrapper framework’ that automates and streamlines the Data delivery process. Moreover, they have developed (subject to patent) an SAP Super RFC technology that provides intelligent integration pathways with SAP systems, enabling the external execution of any SAP Standard RFC via a single common entry /calling point. These SAP Data Services Apps will soon be available for download from the SAP marketplace.

Kagool currently works with a Tier1–FTSE100 Global Manufacturer, after having urgently taking over a work stream that was failing at the hands of an incumbent SI Partner. This afforded them in-depth know how in SAP Delivery. In a period of 2 months, the workstream status moved from Red to Green, and Kagool’s efforts were recognized by the client’s Outstanding Contribution Award.

Since its inception in 2004, Kagool has gathered a wealth of experience working with some of the largest organizations around the world, understanding the challenges faced to achieve more on a lesser investment. Fourteen years has passed and Kagool continues to develop cutting-edge, industry leading integrated solutions combining the latest interaction technologies to maximize

engagement opportunities for a client's customers, consumers and staff. With such armoury of experience, Kagool intends to help generate efficiency savings, site benchmarks and actionable initiatives to enable continuous enterprise- level improvement.

Enterprise Data Services Platform
The Kagool Data Platform (KDP) has been designed to connect into complex IT landscapes and profile enormous cross-functional datasets, generating tasks and insights that are assigned to business functions for action; it’s a process that is fully automated with business data stewards self servicing their error states daily without any need for spreadsheets. The process is continuously monitored with events pushed to a single common user-facing portal for business self-service and action. This simplified yet comprehensive process fits neatly into data Governance and framework support processes, efficiently enabling continuous improvement without any interruption to BAU activity.

Quality and Integrity
Technological advances have allowed organizations to collect planet sized data sets (Big Data) which have developed into a focal point of operations. Quality data gives the organization better contextual insight with the ability to make decisions with precision. Dan Barlow, SAP Delivery Director at Kagool quotes, "The question is, generally, where do you start when it comes to resolving Data Quality issues across global enterprises? Improving enterprise data quality is akin to boiling an ocean". He further explains that “Organizations have varying levels of maturity in terms of data governance and existing processes. Business users often expect one tool to solve everything, however, the reality is more complex, requiring process changes, changes to internal KPI tracking, introduction of functional polluter pay models, and senior cross functional business buy in to make this work for business benefit. Enterprises with more defined silos generally have greater Data quality issues, since the vision of the overall enterprise mission is less apparent.”

“Our approach has always been to roll out quality rule sets, metrics and governance processes in an incremental way, delivered per unit of 'data quality fixed'. This bite-sized chunk approach works well, evident by high levels of user adoption and engagement, critical for all types of projects."

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Kagool: Cross Industry Expertise in Managing Enterprise Data