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Keystone Healthcare Technologies: Implementing Novelty with a Bit of Care

Team Keystone,Healthcare

Team Keystone


Keystone Healthcare is an exclusive healthcare solutions and service provider that caters Hospital Management and Diagnostics. Established as Searock Infotech in 1999, the firm was later renamed as Keystone Healthcare in 2012. In the past 20 years, Keystone Healthcare Technologies has acquired more than 400 hospitals and 200 Diagnostic centres as clients, and also provides services to 1500 pharmacies which run their products in Bangalore alone. Recently the company has launched its products in IVF, Dermatology, and OHC. Keystone Healthcare Technologies provides a set of services ranging from Healthcare Software services and Data Management to Post Implementation Technical Support. In an elucidated interaction, the Director explains how the company has established a name in the market.

In conversation with Raghavendra Pai, Director, Keystone Healthcare Technologies

Changing dimension of consumer preference, and tech titans like Apple moving into the space are changing the way patient care is managed and delivered. How does Keystone Healthcare Technologies positioned in this emerging market?
Well, we have been in business for long and as an exclusive provider of healthcare technology, our main focus is the Indian market. As you know, pricing and product service is crucial in

the Indian market, most of our sales are reference based. We have come up with a Patient Engagement platform which is optimized for messaging in order to enable interaction with doctors. It allows patients to keep in touch with the doctor post their discharge, but only for specified number of days. Moreover, the feedbacks of patients have been overwhelming after they have used our services.

Doctors can customize the monitoring templates used to analyse patients’ medical result

mHealth assures better and quick service to patients for complex hospitality process. How do Keystone’s services improve health standard for patients and its customers?
Of course. Given the fundamental attribute of mhealth solutions, which is quicker care delivery, our products are designed with a user friendly interface responding to the inputs and feedbacks from users over the past 20 years. Any special operations like editing /cancelling/confirming can be done using the user access control. Since our EMR module is available from any browser supported device, nurses will be able to look at doctor notes and update case sheets in real time. Doctors have an option to view patient medical records including prescription, case sheets, discharge summary, diagnostic reports, and images. Moreover, our EMR module allows hospitals to keep track of all patient records in digital format. This will help in providing access to information regarding the patients’ previous visits, final diagnosis, prescription, diagnostic reports, case sheets etc., and helps the doctor at the time of consultation. Doctors also can customize the monitoring templates used to analyse patients’ medical result. We deliver graphical representations of old diagnostic reports for ease of

analysis. We have started working on a new cloud-based EMR platform in which hospitals can securely share patient records on request for a definite time. With so many HMS and lab installations, we have large volume of data set to play with. We have formed a small team of Data Scientists, Doctors and Engineers to use ML, and has developed a treatment plan based on the family history, behavioural history, diagnostic reports, and previous treatment data. We have integrated with more than 35 diagnostic devices from different manufactures thus eliminating human reporting errors.

Tell us about one of Keystone’s successful implementations that has earned customer trust?
I would say that it is pretty hard for me to pick one from many because each and every implementation and client is unique and special for us. I have to say that most of our customers are with us for 8-10 years or more, as we are supplying them relevant upgrades at regular intervals. We have established ourselves to be dependable and ensure that our clients are not let down when they require our services. Rajshekar Multi specialty Hospital Bangalore is one such client who is using our software for over 2 decades with about 6 upgrades in this period. We build up relationships with our clients because of our dependable 24x7 service. We have also developed plethora of modules and products which are based on customer and market needs. OHC software is one such product which is used by leading PSU's & Private Manufacturing units.

What innovative goals would Keystone implement in the days ahead?
Our key focus area is patient care as we have covered operational aspect of the hospitals. We have already started Beta testing of our Patient Engagement platform. This will help the Patient to be in contact with his/her doctor after hospitalization. We are developing templates which capture relevant data for various branches of medicine thereby helping doctors create AI for treatment plans.

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