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Kisai: Leading the Digital Democracy through Low Code/No Code Development

Anand Prabhala ,Co-Founder & CEO

Anand Prabhala

Co-Founder & CEO

Gone are the days when writing lines of code were necessary for app development. Today, businesses and individuals can develop even enterprise-grade apps in seconds. The benefits of low code/no code app development are being enunciated with each passing day because this development has established itself as the winner in the IT space. Kisai, an integrated software development platform, is contributing to this low code/no code digital evolution by empowering organizations to build applications faster and more efficiently. The simplicity and robustness of Kisai enable business users with no technical background or coding skills to develop low-code apps seamlessly and design & build fully functional applications effortlessly at a rapid scale.

Under the leadership of three Co-Founders (Anand Prabhala, Satya Kommoju, and Gayatri Pothukuchi), Kisai is helping organizations that want to manage their product lifecycle, on a single platform and making software engineering simple for every one.

Let’s hear it from Anand as he speaks volumes about the organization.

What has been the idea behind establishing Kisai? How does the company position itself in the industry?
Throughout my professional journey, in the roles of a Data Entry Operator, Teacher, Test Automation Engineer, Developer, Technical Lead, Project Manager, Director of Business Unit, Founder and CEO, I have been engaged

in finding ways to use software to alleviate customers’ challenges and support their business growth. While building and delivering software solutions for different customers belonging to different industries, I realized that there is a lot of repetition and reinventing the wheel; every business is hindered without the right software and thrives with the one. At Kisai, we have set out on a journey to make building secure and scalable software simple. Kisai was established with the idea of enabling IT teams of organizations to build new apps and processes without much research and also cut down on the need to write code from scratch.

At Kisai, we have set out on a journey to make building secure & scalable software simple

Our software development platform supports everyone from seasoned developers to citizen developers in transforming ideas into scalable products with enterprise-grade security, compliance, low-code development, and API-first backend services. Our ability to add value to scaling businesses has gained multiple high-valued customers who are using our platform to build their own SaaS applications.

Could you acquaint us with a case study on how one of your services changed the scenario for the better?
While we were in the initial year of building our platform, we received an opportunity to build a product for an organization whose entire product was OKR based, managing a large work force. The organization had around 25 developers and eight testers who failed to scale their product. Within three months, we were able to analyze the complexities of their platform and helped them migrate their entire application onto our platform. With this transformation, they were able to move the headcount to build other products in the organization and saved a significant

amount of cost.Today the same organization has around 50,000 users and uses our platform to run their business with $2.5 million ARR.

Tell us about the team behind the innovations that are happening at Kisai.
Kisai is led by three highly experienced professionals (including me), who are also the co-founders of the organization and a team of nine proficient engineers. Satya Komoju (Co-founder & Technology Leader) leverages excellent developer experience in building Kisai and Low Code/No Code development platforms for citizen developers. His roles include managing the day-to-day execution, architecture design, and building real time solutions. Gayatri Pothukuchi (Co-founder & Product Leader), on the other hand, is focused on building new-age products to meet user expectations. She is armed with experience in leading large teams and building products for reputed organizations, both in the U.S. and in India. We are leading a team of young engineers who have been thoroughly trained to do the amazing work that we do on our platform.

What is the future roadmap envisioned for Kisai?
The world is moving towards a digital democracy which is also increasing the need for the development of different software applications. However, there has been a scarcity of talented developers despite the current tech industry environment. We at Kisai are focused on meeting the challenge of the shortage of developers by empowering non-technical people to build applications, highlighting a growth map towards a ‘do-it-yourself development’ environment.Through our low code/no code platforms, we aspire to unlock new digital spaces for rapid growth and hyper- automation and enable business users to shift their mindset to become risk-takers and more creative. We are motivated to build ourselves as established players in the industry and cross a billion dollars in valuation and 100 million in revenue in the coming years.

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