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Kujoeva Technologies: Offering Software Development Services to Agriculture Sector

Varughese John,Managing Director

Varughese John

Managing Director

Kujoeva Technologies is a software services provider, founded in 2012 which offers end to end IT services right from strategic planning, development, testing and training through implementation of applications. The company provides customized solutions based on an assessment of each client's needs and helps companies overcome staffing and resource challenges. Furthermore, carrying vast experience in delivering software services, Varughese John, the Managing Director of Kujoeva briefs us on how they provide quality service to their clients while also maintaining excellence & integrity in all the operations.

In conversation with Varughese John, Managing Director, Kujoeva

IT has penetrated into every industry and space. Most use cases and mission critical scenarios have been enhancing and made more productive and streamlined by IT industry. Tell us how Kujoeva is omnipresent in a plethora of domains with its digital tools?
The vision of Kujoeva is to grow in the IT Industry by delivering innovative, effective and outstanding solutions and services to our esteemed customers using cutting edge technology. In our eight years of existence, we were able to involve in community services applications, agro-tech applications and fin-tech applications. Our software applications are designed and developed as total-solution software, based on the business activities of the organization. Kujoeva has a team of well qualified and experienced young minds. We have been designing and developing our products considering the challenges and opportunities of each domain.

Modern agriculture is driven by continuous improvements in digital tools and data as well as collaborations among farmers and researchers across the public and private sectors. How is Kujoeva positioned to cater to the agriculture sector of India?
Kujoeva’s ePlantation, a total solution

software is aimed to manage the plantations like cardamom, tea, coffee, rubber, palm or any plantation which has yield processing activities. The usage of this software has the various advantages which includes covers core business areas of plantation life cycle - planting, cultivating, yield collection, processing, storing, sales and distribution, finance and labour resources. Secondly, it can retrieve information regarding stock in the smoke/dry room, storeroom, productivity pertaining to the labourer, estate/block etc in a readily available manner. Sales details and weight of stock at the store and sales point are easily reviewed into a visual view for better business knowledge and responsive decision making. Moreover, the software provision for weekly, monthly salary processing and automatic posting to the wages accounts and employees account is an advantage that also reduces data entry. Also, it provides details on income and expenses of the entire business activities and calculates the cost of producing the minimum unit of a product and many more such advancements.

We, at Kujoeva, are always in the process of improving our existing applications adopting the latest technology

Tell us how Kujoeva is differently placed in the Indian IT sector and what exceptional solutions/products does Kujoeva hoist to stay ahead in the market?
Kujoeva’s software focus more on community services empowering the rural society to have the touch and feel of the latest technological developments which they could incorporate to their efforts. Our services to our clients are highly appreciated which gives them the confidence to use the solutions with ease. We continually focus on enhancing our software’s towards the global industry standards. Also, I had a chance to visit some agricultural farms in Israel where I was inspired by good ideas that could be adopted into our Agro-Tech products.

Given the vast spectrum of products and solutions Kujoeva is catering to an equally vast array of industries, which particular client venture became the turning point for your firm’s untapped success?
Kujoeva has applications in various domains which were highly accepted by our clients. Our solutions are equally

valued because of the unique services we provide. Besides, ePlantation, our religious institutions management software eChurch V5 is widely used in India and abroad. eSchoolERP is designed and developed by a team of highly experienced professionals of school management and IT to cater the needs of any schools in India and abroad with latest technology. Additionally, our ApartSOFTment total solution software for apartments management is also worth mentioning.

Dr. Itty Benjamin, Director

What further plans to do you have for Kujoeva? What more domains do you intend to touch in the years to come?
We, at Kujoeva, are always in the process of improving our existing applications adopting the latest technology. We will be improving our BFSI Bank Asset Management System and our FINLOAN Applications introducing Data Analytics. Also, we plan to improve our agro-tech application by using artificial intelligence to benefit the planters/farmers, providing insights to them with adequate information in timely manner to manage their crops.

Moreover, in the near future, even though more highly evolved IT solutions would be a key to feeding an ever-increasing human population, the use of evolving technologies will always be in the frontline to serve the community as a software application team, Kujoeva would be always a part of it.

Varughese John has 30+ years’ experience in information technology on educational institutions, international construction industry and international banking secotors.

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