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Lynkit: Supply Chain Optimization is a Digital Trump Card

By Uddhav Kumar,    CEO

Proven new technologies present a priceless opportunity for organizations to optimize their supply chain something that they should never miss out on for better bottom lines. But at the same time, it’s no secret that most organizations don’t possess the right skills to undertake an end-to-end digital transformation of their supply chain. Delhi-based Lynkit, a technology company excelling in providing supplychain management solutions through its six proprietary products, is on a mission to ensure painless & flawless digital transformation of supply chain. Lynkit’s expertise lies in utilizing futuristic technologies like blockchain, IoT, ML, AI, and OCR to track, digitize, automate and integrate disparate supply chain processes of companies and enable time & cost savings. To delve further into Lynkit’s latest endeavours.

CEO Insights engages in an exclusive interview with the company’s CEO, Uddhav Kumar.

What is the inception story of Lynkit? Where is the company positioned in the IT sector?
Lynkit started its journey by building large enterprise solutions in the track and trace industry using RFID & GPS technologies. We were then able to leverage our knowledge and experience for building our proprietary technology products.

Today, Lynkit is uniquely positioned in the industry, acting as a one-stop shop for supply chain management solutions. From tracing & tracking receipt of goods to AR backed technology for storage in a warehouse to dispatches and transport through trucks or trains, Lynkit has a product for it all. We are, in fact, not just a tracking solutions company. We build integrated transportation and supply chain management systems, which enterprises have now over solutions offered by multinationals. Our pace of application development, timely delivery and flexibility to customize solutions has enabled us to get ahead of the pack.

Lynkit is well known for its innovative products. What are the products behind such an intact reputation?

Product innovation has always been at our core. Having started with using RFID & GPS technologies, our hardware technology portfolio has come a long way to include everything from GPS-based smart locks to Bluetooth & LoRa based devices, active & passive RFID based hardware, and multifarious sensors, including fuel, proximity, temperature, and light to provide real-time visibility, security, and intelligence. We have built these platforms from scratch and with a modular design which helps us integrate all full suite of solutions and applications. Our full suite of SCM solution is unparalleled in the industry.

We have six products, which each solve a different problem, all related to different parts of the supply chain through different technologies and methods Proven

Our innovations to track and trace platforms – Lynktrac - led us to launch a new & unique state of the art GPS-based smart locks. In addition to realtime tracking, it notifies all locking and unlocking events in real time to users. We also designed and developed our own wearable a wrist-band tracker which leverages GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and temperature & anti-tampering sensors to monitor the location and well-being of all their manpower in different plant based or construction site environments.

Similarly, we innovated to create a whole gen of gate automation systems called LynkID. We also combined RFID-based asset identification with biometric-based security solutions to create a highly-secure asset management system for high-value or high-risk goods.

Our most recent innovation is our port automation system Lynkgrid, which combines RFID and GPS technology with realtime kinematics(RTK)to provide an unprecedented centimeter level accuracy to track the movements of containers within a container yard. Lynkgrid renders a three-axis augmented reality visual interface, providing accurate container locations stacked at multiple levels., is India’s first blockchain-based platform for transport management and enables multi party transactions on a single platform for the issuance and exchange of e-consignment notes, proof of deliveries, invoices, and billing information.

What is the strategy applied by the company in stayingahead of its competitors in the industry? What is the company’s USP?
We have six products, and each solves a different problem all related to different parts of the supply chain through different technologies and methods. But each of our products has these three distinct value propositions that have allowed us to uniquely position ourselves in a competitive landscape.

Firstly, all of our products allow for both vertical and horizontal integration.

Horizontal: All of our products are modular and can be used individually or seamlessly with each other. Many clients, such as Hindalco(Aditya Birla Group), CMA CGM, and LG, use not one but upto three of our products to track their fleets outside the plant, manage supply chain documents, and track machinery & parts inside the plant. Dealing with one company reduces the time and cost involved in integration across their different divisions.

Vertical: We provide end-to-end solutions to our customers, starting with fulfilling both hardware and software requirements as well as post-deployment support with operations and management. We always conduct comprehensive site add process analysis to suitably configure hardware and software features. Lynkit also then provides post-implementation support by doing workshops, training, and a lot of operational support to ensure successful implementation. Across all our products, we have a support service - Lynkassit. This means full on-site services for many of our customers where our team handles things like data entry, coordination with their transporters, suppliers, buyers etc.

Secondly, all our products provide access to multiple internal and external stake holders. Our products are structured to allow for different hierarchies, different read/write access levels, and different interface options to allow for different stakeholders to collaborate seamlessly.

Thirdly, we provide specialized subject matter expertise. Companies trust us to optimize their logistics because we ourselves are, at a level, are a logistics company we use our own products every day and actually understand the issues. We handle our own small fleet and manage shipping and logistics of our own hardware products to our PAN-India clients. This helps us make better and more user-friendly products.

What is Lynkit’s future roadmap?
One word Innovation. We are on a mission to deliver integrated solutions based on new & emerging but stable technologies.

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Lynkit: Supply Chain Optimization is a Digital Trump Card