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Macavv Media: Telling Stories that Create Lasting Impressions

Aniket Sanjeev,Director & Creative Head

Aniket Sanjeev

Director & Creative Head

The Big Bang theory explains the titanic explosion of energy that created billions of galaxies of our vast universe. A phenomenon that resembles a similar logic is the technology explosion that has engendered a digital realm over the past few years. In any universe, storytelling is one of the most effective ways of communication, and the digital universe is no different. But the audience in the dynamic digital universe is so sophisticated that every brand story or digital marketing campaign needs to hit the right nerve at the right time to create a lasting impact and convert the audience into potential customers. If you are going to be a bird, you need to be a Macaw to get noticed! Bengaluru based Macavv Media Pvt. Ltd. a full service digital marketing company & agency, leaves lasting impressions with its branding stories that echo all around the digital realm. Thoughtfully named after the sensational Macaw, the mascot bird symbolic of flair, fruition, and healing, Macavv Media, one of the fastest growing companies in the segment, comprises a team of digital marketing connoisseurs who have already launched a dozen of brands in the market within a short period. CIO Insider engages in an exclusive interview with the man at the helm of the creative division.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Insider magazine, Aniket Sanjeev, Director MMPL & Creative Head, Macavv Media.

What are major milestones achieved by Macavv Media over the year
We measure our success based on the time it takes for a newly onboarded client to give us complete autonomy over deliver ables. In the conventional approach, which most agencies comply

with, Brands release their own versions of visual and functional requirements, a list that goes beyond just brand guide lines and the purpose of the deliverable. When we work with a brand, we constantly do little things that move beyond the basic scope of work just so that it doesn’t completely push them out of their comfort zone. At times, it does take a bit of reasoning with them, but at the end of the day, the increased performance and success metrics they experience does the rest of the job and wins us more of their trust going forward. This level of trust is what allows us to earn complete autonomy from Brands and why we value this measure of success.

What sets us apart from the rest is the diversity in experience within our team and our human first approach

Which are the segments that the company caters to, and why should Brands choose Macavv Media over its peers in the market?
We serve brands across all industries and segments, and this diversity within our clientele is what makes working here exciting. Each day comes with new challenges and new learnings along with them. Today, we have a portfolio comprising brands across Real Estate, Healthcare, Engineering, EduTech, FMCG, Solar, Wind energy, Universities, and Automobiles. We’ve recently started working with companies focused on innovation in the Water and Medical
spaces. What sets us apart from the rest is the diversity in experience within our team and our human first approach, which enables us to efficiently take products to market so that brands can engage with their audiences smarter.

What are the latest technologies and UX trends adopted by the company to ensure customer satisfaction?
We don’t jump on the bandwagon immediately unless it directly contributes to UX success when it comes to the latest trends. Microcopy and infographics are elements we pay a lot of attention to. We stick to the basics like getting the look, feel, and voice of the brand right and effective

storytelling, ensuring a more meaningful and relatable user journey. While new trends like creative scroll effects and loading screens are cool, the way content is created and consumed remains the strongest contributor to our customers’ satisfaction.

In terms of new technologies, we are working with a few brands in the NFT space and strongly believe that the tech has a huge future in the branding world.

What did the pandemic mean for you?
I think COVID-19 has given almost every business more than their fair share of challenges and sent us all scrambling for solutions to minimize the effects of the lockdowns on daily business processes. Creative teams are used to inperson brainstorming sessions before project heads are given their tasks to distribute among their teams, so as soon as work from home and zoom calls became a worldwide thing, productivity and efficiency took a hit. We started following the ‘no manager’ model, where in every resource is responsible for their own tasks & deliver ables. It removes the need for constant approvals and creative curbs as long as project goals are met. This turned out to be a game changer for us, and we have followed it ever since.

What does Macavv Media’s future roadmap look like?
We consider ourselves quite fortunate to have the kind of team that we do, and it’s quite a formidable task to find the right talent that is driven and excited by the complexity of the challenges we face every day. So, this year we plan to increase our team size strategically and significantly, mainly to cater to our newest focus area blockchain technology. We are building the foundations and frameworks to implement blockchain in certain key areas that we believe will benefit from the technology.

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