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MCUBE: One of The Leading Cloud Telephony Service Providers in India

Ajay Jagtap,Director, Sales & Marketing

Ajay Jagtap

Director, Sales & Marketing

Owing to the ongoing business growth happening around the globe, there's a sense of urgency pertaining to the possession of a solitary communications platform to handle business phone, email, and team chat. With more than 40 percent of businesses having employees who work remotely, the companies have more distributed teams than ever before, and amongst them, almost half have an amalgamation of in office and remote only employees. Assisting the clients to bid farewell to disparate tools that don’t always work well together, the Unified Communications (UC) market is already worth $50 billion, and is prophesied to get tripled in the next five years with more businesses moving away from outdated phone systems and one off communications apparatuses in favor of a platform that can do it all. Emerging as a trailblazer in this segment, MCUBE’s identity as one of the prominent cloud telephony service providers in India remains distinguished and unchallenged. Under the guidance of phenomenal individuals MCUBE is envisioning to be the leading provider of value added telecommunication services that enable its customers to generate close leads and build stronger relationships with their customers as well.

In conversation with Ajay Jagtap, Director, Sales & Marketing of MCUBE engages in an exclusive interaction with the team of CIO Insider.

How your company is positioned in this Unified Communication Solution services industry?
Since its inception, MCUBE is known for being a reliable and secure telephony automation platform provider. In this industry, one of the biggest challenges for any organization is to build a platform that is simple to use at different hierarchies yet reliable in uptime and secured as we process the most critical and sensitive data. Since the competition is fast and fierce, every organization needs a solution provider to increase the utility of data to increase the sales productivity, because one of the critical factors in this domain is a liability and if the data is mishandled, clients could lose the chunk of business. Therefore, right from inception, we have been successfully delivering these values to our customers who are exploring the tool to enhance customer engagement & customer experience and finally increase the sales efficiency.

Share with us the pain points your customers approach you with and how do you address them?
Every organization is trying to enhance their customer experience to engage with their customers more prolifically in the meanwhile without missing out on any opportunities coming to the organization. The organizations which continue to communicate via a traditional mode of communication, tend to miss out on lot of leads and the inquiries made by the customers which were not tracked properly. Every year, India loses around 30-35% of percent of

the leads which are not handled professionally. Maintaining transparency in technology as an innovative platform, what MCUBE brings in is a distributed contact center which handles calls systematically to enhance the performance of employees.

MCUBE is creating new opportunities for its customers through distributed contact center solution backed by automations to bring businesses and their customers together making business more productive and efficient

If we take customer experiences into consideration, any organization which is not using a cloud based contact center, fails to get a proper response from the customer which gradually harms the reputation of the business & lose out on business. Without putting our brand image at risk, we emphasize on seamless IVR solution which happens to distribute the multiple concurrent calls through intelligent algorithm to various employees and make sure that people get attended by their agents. Hence, MCUBE makes sure that business does not miss a single call from customers & every lead which came from other sources are handled efficiently through C2C.

Further in times of pandemic MCUBE is helping customers in continuity of business by allowing their users to work from anywhere yet be productive.

What are the differentiating factors that keep you ahead of your competitors?

MCUBE offers flexibility to work from any where yet gives control to an organisation through powerful data matrixes & call recordings along with powerful monitoring tools like call barging, call whispering and call transferring etc.

The world is moving towards the era of automation and our solutions are designed in accordance with the recent technological innovations. We are working with our customers to build a topnotch automation tool that can elevate the sales's productivity and customer experience powered by customized call flow, customization on IVR solutions & automations backed by autodialer. Basically, we are helping businesses to bring their telephony system into the cloud with a digital edge by simplifying and integrating their business processes. Ensuring continuous efficiency for our customers, we are engaged to create a unique experience in unified communication through omnichannel sources. Another major differentiating factor lies in seamless automation with customers business systems like CRM, ERP’s etc which is not available easily within the industry and we have carved our niche around this phenomenon.

Finally moving you phone system to MCUBE offers an ability to streamline communication on broader scale. Whether you are scaling up your team, hiring remote employees, or moving office at different locations, MCUBE offers a cost effective yet reliable solutions to improve scaling or team agility which is unique in this segment.

Acquaint us with a recent challenging case study implying the success of its intervention.
I remember two recent cases where we brought a significant value to our customers:

First case is Edtech platform Jigsaw academy backed by Manipal group where MCUBE automated complete sales & customer support process by integrating telephony with their business system to enhance sales productivity and customer engagement. MCUBE not only helped Jigsaw to streamline & automate the sales process through its cloud contact center product but also scale it up its sales operation quickly to cater their business requirements.

In Ramaiah Memorial Hospital, MCUBE automated the emergency helpline in order to bring faster responsiveness to patient’s queries which brought significant change in business and customer experience.

Which industries MCUBE is predominantly catering to?
MCUBE is catering to Education (Universities & Colleges), Edtech, Fintech platforms Startups, Hospitals Real estate, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality E-commerce, logistic industry predominantly.

Who are your major customers right now?
We are catering to wide range of customers including Tata Consumer Products, Paragon footwears, UNext by Manipal group, Chai Point, Alliance University, BIT School of Management by Aditya Birla group, Ajmera Reality, Lodha Group etc.

Reflect on the future roadmap of MCUBE.
The global market for cloud telephony is around 35-40 billion USD and the Indian market is nearly around 6 billion USD. To remain significant across this highly dynamic industry, we are focusing both on our product vertical and geographic expansions.

From product side, multiple channels of communication signify that while interacting with the different customers, you can reach out to them via various channels such as phone mail, WhatsApp, and so on. Therefore, we try to integrate the various means of communications to establish a unification of channels or omnichannel to create a single platform through which the organizations can communicate with their customers backed by artificial intelligence.

We are also planning to expand our market globally and establish ourselves internationally by early next year. We are eager to explore our opportunities across the international markets and are expecting to witness our growth by 50-60 % YOY for the next three years.

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