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EIZO Corporation: Introducing 3D Visualization in Ever-Changing Healthcare Environment

Anantha Narayanan ,Country Manager

Anantha Narayanan

Country Manager

Continuous research and development in medical imaging has improved clinical analysis and medical intervention substantially,changing the landscape of modern medicine. The Global Medical Imaging Market has been evaluated as a rapidly growing market and is expected to reach high growth figures. Medical imaging techniques are offering the chance of providing accurate diagnosis of the disorders and ailments. There has been huge demand for medical imaging in the healthcare companies as well as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Due to the number of benefits offered by medical imaging,the techniques are having a high importance in the market.

Headquartered in New Delhi,EIZO Corporation is a high-end visual technology provider, delivering quality products for the healthcare sector. The quality of this company’s product increases the productivity of doctors, leading to efficient diagnosis and operation. EIZO’s quality extends from how products are produced,to the helpful features that it contains,to extensive after-service and 5 year warranty. The company’s mission is to create imaging solutions that enrich people in their professional and personal lives.

Comprehensive EIZO Product Line
EIZO uses its technical expertise in visual display solutions to offer state-of-the-art video management systems. EIZO strives to produce products with rigorous R&D and testing in-house, rather than outsourcing. Unlike many other companies that only use batch-testing, EIZO tests every single monitor before it leaves the factory, checking to

ensure that there are no missing pixels or strange colors, and that all components are working correctly. A unique feature of EIZO is that all the monitors are medically tested by human assignees. The human eye can distinguish slight variations between screens,and notice any defects that a machine may miss. This ensures that all monitors are reliable and in working condition.

"EIZO uses its technical expertise in visual display solutions to offer state-of-the-art video management systems"

Furthermore, EIZO’s healthcare monitors are also individually adjusted to ensure there are minimal brightness fluctuations across the screen which is called Digital Uniformity Equalizer(DUE)function. It evens out the fluctuations in brightness and chroma across the screen.This provides complete brightness to the screen so that medical images are viewed accurately across it. The medical monitors also undergo DICOM Part 14,which means monitors are ready to be used straight from the box. All of this rigorous testing and adjustment ensures that EIZO produces products which are essential in today’s healthcare facilities.

Additionally, EIZO’s G&R Series offer a wide range of monitors with varying resolutions and sizes, allowing users to choose monitors that are ideal for each imaging type. However, having to use several monitors to view different types of images together can not only be frustrating, but can take up space and be very expensive. Therefore, EIZO offers Multimodality Monitors. These are wide, high resolution monitors that can display both color and monochrome images simultaneously. RadiForce

RX850 8 megapixel monitor is one of such products which has been found to be more efficient to use than two 5 megapixel monitors. The ability to view both color and monochrome images together on one screen, without distracting bezels in between, increases work efficiency for doctors.

EIZO is constantly producing new products in time with market demands, and aims to offer a wide range of products for different needs. Recently, Eizo has developed a function that adjusts the grayscale of each pixel on the screen (called Hybrid Gamma PXL). Here, grayscale images are displayed with the DICOM Part 14grayscale, and color images are displayed using a blend of DICOM Part 14 and Gamma 2.2. The company not only produces monitors, but also the QC software. For the operating room, EIZO facilitates surgical monitors, surgical panels,surgical field cameras, video management systems, signal transmitters, and image management software. Complete solutions for interventional radiology, the control room, and an integrated OR named CuratOR designed specifically for the healthcare domain, are also in place.

As a visual technology enabler, EIZO has R&D and manufacturing facilities in Japan, China, Germany, and US, and is present in more than 80 countries. EIZO intends to provide all the imaging solutions needed by a company, ranging from surveillance & surgical field cameras(capturing)to signal converters,video management systems, recording/distributing systems,editing systems, multi-display systems and server management & storage(Recording),to monitors and surgical panels (displaying), as it provided to INCCI at the Luxembourg Cardiac Hospital. This Cardiac hospital is using EIZO’s products and has been one of the world’s most modern hybrid ORs since 2016. Maintenance is simple and quick because everything is handled by EIZO rather than multiple 3rd party vendors. EIZO encompasses the essence of 'Capturing','Recording and Distributing’ and ‘Displaying' of images through various solutions. The company is constantly researching new ways of producing solutions with these three elements in mind, in accordance with technological and market trends.

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