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Microscan Communications: Empowering Tomorrows Digital Defense with Unique Solutions

 Pravin Muley,    Director

Pravin Muley


The past few years have seen a notable rise in cyber threats and attacks, driven by the swift digitization of industries and the widespread use of interconnected devices. At present, a critical hurdle in the cyber security domain revolves around the dire need to outpace these cyber threats. A dynamic and forward thinking player in the realm of technology and cybersecurity solutions, Microscan Communications stands as a reliable partner for businesses seeking cutting-edge managed services and robust cybersecurity measures. Through a combination of technical expertise, strategic thinking, and tailored solutions, Microscan Communications strives to empower businesses to navigate the complexities of the digital age. To know more, CIO Insider engaged in a one-on-one interaction with Pravin Muley, Director, Microscan Communications. Let’s hear from him.

Can you provide an overview of the journey that Microscan Communications has undertaken as a leading provider of high-performance networking solutions?
With a remarkable legacy spanning 25 years, Microscan Infocommtech has excelled as a connectivity provider, expert in dark fiber solutions, and a distinguished service provider for Internet and low latency solutions. Building on this extensive experience, we introduced Microscan Communications, a dynamic startup committed to pioneering managed services and cybersecurity solutions. This fusion of established expertise and innovative zeal sets us apart within the industry. As Microscan Communications takes its place as a responsive entity in the digital realm, bolstered by the solid foundation of Microscan Infocommtech's legacy, we stand prepared to offer tailored cybersecurity solutions that harmonize experience with forward-looking perspectives, addressing the evolving needs of businesses.

Can you elaborate on the technological infrastructure underpinning your services?
Having established a robust history of involvement with a variety of tools and

technologies, we remain agnostic in our approach. Leveraging our extensive understanding of the market, technical expertise, and budgetary factors, our specialists consistently tailor ideal solutions for our SME clientele. The incorporation of the Shared Services concept further amplifies the value we deliver, furnishing steadfast solutions.

Our aim is to ascend as the preeminent & most trusted brand in the cybersecurity solutions market

Can you provide an overview of the customer experience provided by your team, supported by a cybersecurity case study illustrating how one of your solutions improved your customer’s situation?
Our customer managed a large network of servers, IT systems, and network elements distributed across various geographical locations. The challenge was to conduct a comprehensive vulnerability assessment of these assets and establish an effective end-to-end vulnerability management process. The main goals were to identify, monitor, and manage vulnerabilities comprehensively. Our project involved a wide scope, including risk identification, asset tracking, risk analysis, planning for mitigation, and coordinated execution. The servers were hosted on various platforms including Windows, Linux, and others.

Challenge: With an organization's wide digital presence, spanning diverse assets and applications, the potential for multiple security vulnerabilities is inherent. A significant challenge was effectively to organize and prioritize these vulnerabilities, an essential part of successful vulnerability management. Navigating this complexity requires a synergy of technical skills, strong controllability, and experienced management acumen to address vulnerabilities holistically. The problem of false positives emerged as a notable obstacle. The ability to distinguish real vulnerabilities from false signals was paramount to avoid wasting resources. In addition, the coexistence of multiple vulnerabilities along with these misleading warnings underscores the urgency of rapid analysis and prompt repair, preserving the integrity of the digital landscape.

Results: With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our company designed an innovative approach to vulnerability management. Seamlessly integrating the identification, analysis, and strategic coordination of risks, we orchestrated a transformation in their security

landscape. The result is a solid ecosystem, fortified to resist threats and agile in addressing potential vulnerabilities. This case study demonstrates the seamless combination of technical expertise, strategic acumen, and meticulous planning, which underpins solid vulnerability risk management.

Tell us about the composition of your team and the strategies they implement to ensure the stability of the company, its sensitivity to current trends, and its efforts to obtain new methods against cyberattacks.
At Microscan Communications, our main strength comes from a team of well-trained experts. As a management, we are determined to continuously enrich our resources. Our commitment to learning and growing is evident in initiatives such as enrolling employees in comprehensive training programs and informational seminars. We actively promote participation in various industry events, whether as a presenter or an attendee. To ensure that our team's expertise is kept up to date, we sponsor and commission the annual certification for our employees. In search of knowledge, we regularly hold sessions with industry authorities, thus promoting employee development. In addition, we take the encouragement of self-directed learning efforts in our teams very seriously.

What does the future trajectory look like for Microscan Communications? What are the envisioned developments for the next half-decade?
In the swiftly evolving IT landscape, staying abreast of emerging technologies poses a formidable challenge. The accessibility of managed services now provides a solution, allowing organizations to navigate this complexity through a reliable MSP partner. With the focus shifted towards core competencies, MSPs adeptly address technological demands. Moving forward, the landscape is poised for even greater advancement, with aspects like cybersecurity and the integration of Next Generation tools poised to take the forefront.

The surge in minor cyber incidents, phishing scams, and attacks on businesses and institutions is significantly impacting both the financial and social realms. The pandemic has propelled individuals worldwide towards increased reliance on digital platforms and systems, creating a plethora of potential avenues for business enhancement. Our aim is to ascend as the preeminent and most trusted brand in the cybersecurity solutions market. We are dedicated to fostering an ecosystem that empowers our clients to attain their objectives and nurture growth.

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