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Mobillor Technologies: Connecting Shopfloor to Top Floor via Smart Apps & Platforms

Rishi Bansal,CEO

Something that sets the manufacturing industry apart from other industry verticals is the shopfloor dynamics. The uniqueness of different shopfloors and their sophisticated challenges make it hard for technology to penetrate, because, even after ERP deployment, shopfloors and even warehouses end up in paper works and half-cooked digital support in decision making. Mobillor Technologies is on a mission to alleviate this predicament, by developing highly personalized future-ready platform and smart manufacturing applications that hooks shopfloor to the topfloor, integrating with already deployed ERP solutions. Mobillor offers IoT connections that come pre-integrated with some of the leading IoT hardware vendors, enabling businesses to not only Monitor, Analyze, but also Execute and Predict. The company’s comprehensive approach drives its customers to the true world of smart manufacturing and digital warehousing, among others this time, incorporating their shoopfloor and fieldforce. CIO Insider recently got in touch with Rishi Bansal, CEO of Mobillor. Rishi walks us through the company’s journey as well as its latest endeavours

In conversation with Rishi Bansal, CEO, Mobillor Technologies.

What was the industry gap that led to the inception of Mobillor Technologies?
Mobillor came into existence when a team of ERP professionals came together to solve the prevailing challenges and gaps in the post-ERP-era, especially in the manufacturing segment even after the digital revolution. I myself come from a core ERP background of working experience across SAP, Oracle, Infor and Microsoft. One of the predominant challenges that we took on was the question ‘what’s next in ERP’?

Currently, most of the mid to large organizations have implemented ERP solutions, but only 15-20 percent of their

workforce are able to use it to their advantage. The rest of the workforce, who are mostly operating machines, working in the warehouses or out on the field, are still relying on manual systems and paperwork, though the data comes from ERP systems deployed in the offices. In addition, the shop floor is not able to savor the advantages of connected technologies including everything from Barcode reading to Machine Integration and IoT as the existing ERP solutions do not directly support them. Hence Mobillor came into existence as a panacea to all these predicaments by offering highly integrated platforms and applications that enables smart manufacturing and digital ware housing, where in the entire workforce gets to use the benefits of ERP to their advantage. Thanks to the subject matter expertise we have at our disposal, our solutions integrate seamlessly with all the leading ERP systems (including SAP ECC,S/4 HANA, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor and many more).

Mobillor came into existence as a panacea to all these predicaments by offering a highly integrated ERP solution that enables smart manufacturing and digital warehousing, wherein the entire workforce gets to use the benefits of ERP to their advantage

How do you help the shopfloor have the complete advantage especially when it comes to decision making?
We approach this at two levels: the core technology level and the deployment level. Though our core technology platform is based on open source technologies, we have made IoT frameworks available on top of it connecting Man, Material and Machine for running Integrated Operations and helping achieve Industry 4.0 Journey. The status quo of IoT solutions focus on two aspects: monitoring and analysis. But for manufacturing organizations, the story doesn’t end there. We enable them a third stage that helps them execute patterns. So it basically takes the journey right from monitoring to analysis to execution.

On the other hand, when it comes to

Mobility, applications are available on mobile platforms, which makes sure that the entire shop floor gets to leverage our solution. Also, since they are enabled with real time data, including everything from overall equipment efficiency calculations to material consumption information, and comprehensive analytics not to mention that it significantly helps them in decision making.

How do you understand the pain points of customers and build a solution that fits them perfectly?
That’s exactly where our subject matter experts and their professional experience come. There are typically two kinds of customers. Some customers exactly know what they want and have great visibility towards their digital road map. The others often are not so clear what they are looking for and with them, we start from a discovery stage and we educate them and even take them through the journey of other customers, so that they can relate. This significantly helps in building the right solution for every customer.

Where does Mobillor see itself heading towards the future and what are the goals it plans to achieve?
Going forward, we want to roll out more and more solutions, which,I would say, can increase our repository of micro services from the business point of view realizing journey towards Industry 4.0. Also, we want to take it more and more towards Artificial Intelligence as well. In addition we want to encrust further industry verticals. Right now, we cater to customers in equipment manufacturing, packaging electronics and automotive industries. Slowly, we want to further expand to verticals like pharmaceuticals and chemical industries.

When it comes to market acquisition, so far, most of our customers have been from India, and we slowly want to expand our footprint towards Europe and North America. In fact, we have already formed an action plan and started engaging partners over there. We have started reaching out to customers in those geographies.

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